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Real name Siddhartha Gautama Saw the severe forms for the first time as a young man and became an ascetic Realized not best way and meditated under a tree after which he gained enlightenment Became Buddha and spread his teachings to the world

Born ca. 536 B.C in lubini near Himalaya foothills Began around benares (at sarnath) Siddhartha was a hindu Warrior son of a king and queen When he first saw suffering (contrast to his life) he changed his view on life Left his wife and son When he meditaed for one day under a tree he reached nirvana (enlightment) Now he tought others as the “enlightend” Pleasure isn’t staying happiness We don’t accept life as it is There are 5 paths to nirvana If u take them all u will reach nirvana After buddhas death his folowers started settling Tought buddhas way to others as monks Kings became buddhists, and spread the religion in their country Buddhistic Schools opend The relgion spread more and more across asia

main character Kaushalya Rama’s mom Kaikeyi Bharata’s mother Sita Rama’s wife Lakshman and shatrughna Rama’s brothers twins Ravana lanka’s king Hanuman monkey king 10/14/2012 1:52:00 PM There are innocent people in lanka that could be killed but if he doesn’t do it it will be harder for rama to take over.Ramayana Dasharatha -First king Bharata Rama’s brother Rama. It is dharmic for him to burn the city because the job description of the Kshatriyas Is kill people and rule .

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