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Her New Years Eve

Her New Years Eve

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Published by Terry Collett

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Published by: Terry Collett on Dec 31, 2012
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Yes she’ll tell him that next time tell him about it all but until then she’ll let him stew let him think he has it all in the bag let him think he’s won the battle but she knows he knows only half the game she knows that much more and anyway the war’s in her sights now the game is almost won she draws on her cigarette lets the smoke hit the back of her throat feels the air about her hears the music from the other room as out in the streets others celebrate the New Year in their fashion she hears their voices raised

their songs sung drunkenly but he is but a loose page in her book a mere footnote in her book of life as if she’d consent to be his lover or his wife he thinks it’s almost on the cards almost in the bag but she knows better knows

how the game ends then thinking back to her childhood as she blows out smoke her father’s dull eyes his voice filtering into her dreams his hand punching or smacking or lending the black or blue her mother dull witted saying nothing not knowing what to do scars of her childhood leak and ooze their memories and aches and pains and dark corners and fears as she inhales the smoke again yes she’ll tell next time maybe if the mood takes her she’ll wait and see.

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