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Cebu, was investiglted by e police committee composed of three councilors. The decision, subsequcntly signed by the members of the counci!, was lppe,rlcd to lnd affirmed by the Commissioner of Civil Service, end i.t.t bv the Civil Scrvice Board of Appeals' It is contcntled that thc prcviotts ruling of the Supreme Court to the effcct that i mcre policc committee had no jurisdiction to investigate policc officcrs, could not ,rffcct thc dicision of the municipal .ouniil inasmuch as slicl tlccision lras been rendcred prior to such ruling of the court. Held: The fact that the decision of the municipal-council rvas issucd beforc the decision of the Supreme Court .-no, sustain thc vnli.lity of the action of the police committee. The intcrpretarion plrrccd by thc court upon Rep. Act No. 557 con' srirures prrt of rhc larv :rs o[ rhe detc it ',vas oriqinally passed, since



thc suspended chief of police of Sibonga,






service authorities could not validate the proceeding' us. Hermosisimo, G.R. No' .L-1362' Dec' 14' 1965)'





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