Celebrate International Women’s Day: Join Us on Lemons Hill Bridge, Tattingstone

All over the world, on International Women’s Day, women have met up on bridges – large and small, famous ones in big cities, and small ones linking communities – to show their support for each other and to campaign for better lives for themselves or for other women. Bridges link us and our communities together Lemons Hill Bridge, Tattingstone, is an everyday sort of bridge in a beautiful location. In the surrounding countryside live women working, keeping families happy, putting energy into community projects, and often thinking about other women in less ideal circumstances. Let’s join each other there on International Women’s Day in a celebration of our communities; to mark our recognition of women’s achievements; our concerns for women internationally; our hopes for peace, harmony, safe housing, good health care, and education for all girls all over the world; and of course to mark our longing for an end to violent conflicts which cause so much suffering. (See over for details)

EVERYONE IS WELCOME FRIDAY 8 MARCH 2013 11am -12.00 am: LEMONS HILL BRIDGE, TATTINGSTONE SUFFOLK IP9 2NH Music, singing, followed by refreshments in Tattingstone Village Hall. Our local schools will have displays and there will be a collection for Lighthouse Women’s Aid. WHO IS ORGANISING IT: A group of local women who just had the idea. To help us organise it or find out more, ring: 01473 328371 or email heronwire@tiscali.co.uk GETTING THERE: There is a car park by the bridge. Buses: Number 96 from Ipswich Old Cattle Market 10.05; Railway Station, outside Station Hotel 10.09; Tattingstone White Horse 10.21. Number 96 from Tattingstone White Horse 12.17; Railway Station forecourt 12.30; Old Cattle Market 12.35. Number 96 from Tattingstone White Horse 14.17; Railway Station forecourt 14.30; Old Cattle Market 14.35

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