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February 9, 2009

(name redacted)

Per my letter on January 28th of this year, due to the lack of response from the FBI, I am renewing my
request with your office to release the information referenced in Senator Alexander’s assertion that an
investigation has been performed in regards to Mr. Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of President,
and that Mr. Obama has indeed been found to be a natural born citizen (per his letter dated January 5,

To remind you, I am seeking the following information:

1) Who performed the investigation that Senator Alexander refers to in his letter?
2) When did the investigation take place?
3) What evidence was provided Mr. Obama to the investigating authorities that allowed a determination
of eligibility to be made?

I and many others look forward to your response. As concerned citizens, we feel it wise to heed the
counsel of the founders of our nation in holding our leaders accountable, and continue to hope that you
and your office can be of assistance to us in this endeavor.


(name redacted)