Have you ever been home alone on a creepy night?

Just think about this story, when you think, you are safe. Ben, a 6-year-old boy had loving parents. They had never ever let him alone, beacuse he was afraid in the dark. But once, they wanted to go to the theatre to watch a new performance. But they didn’t leave him totally by himself: Ben had a lovely dog, Doug. They told him: ’Just lay in your bad, and if you’re really afraid of something, put your hand under your Bed, so Doug can lick your hand to calm you down. This was what he did. As he was trying to fall asleep, he heard the floor creaking on the corridor. He scared, but he put his hand under the bed, Doug licked it, and he calmed down. But moments later he heard again something. Yes, he was sure: someone slammed the door! He put his hand under his bed as fast as he could, Doug licked it, and with difficulty, but he could ease. But it didn’t hold out long. A few minutes passed, and he could hear some liquid dripping on the floor. He put his hand under the bed, the dog licked it, with no effect. He tried it again, but it didn’t help at all, as the dripping didn’t stop. Overcoming his fear he pulled his leg out of his bed, stepped into his slippers and went to seek the source of the noice. His first way led into the toilet, but all the cocks

Ben froze still as a single question was on his mind: then what licked his hands three times? Or who… . flinged the door open. ’No. nervously turned the handle. creating a pool of blood. May it be in the kitchen? But it wasn’t. Then where does this creepy sound come from? Suddenly he turned his ear to the living room. and silently screamed. His blood was dripping on the floor.where closed. it can’t be!’ He stepped to the door. He was staring at Doug’s body hanging from the lustre.

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