Monthly Bulletin February 2013

The Blake Centre, Brangwyn Grove, Lockleaze, Bristol, BS7 9UD Telephone: 07919 513 827 Email:

Move ‘n’ Groove: An active song and nursery rhyme session - a chance for tots, parents and carers to keep fit whilst you move ‘n’ groove to your favourite nursery rhymes and songs!! When: Every Thursday 1:45pm—2:30pm Where: Cameron Centre, Cameron Walk, Lockleaze Cost: £1 per session Free song sheet to take away with you, if you attend on Thursday 21st February. Things to do during half term:
Don’t forget just because the children are home it doesn't have to cost you a fortune! Here some suggestions on fun free activities for you and your family to take part in:  Visit the MShed - Lockleaze exhibition soon to be finished!  Oldbury Court and Snuff Mills - why not go for a family walk, play in the park or a picnic?  Why not get the children involved in some messy play in the garden - perfect time to dig up the old weeds (children will love pulling them out) and planting some flowers - children will love to watch them grow.  Mmm.. Nothing beats home baking. Why not roll up your sleeves and bake a cake!

Party hire: Did you know you are able to hire Boing! exclusively for your childs party. We offer 3 different packages: bronze, silver or gold. Items include: party host, all cleaning completed, children’s buffet, decorations plus more!! Just ask at the hatch for more information. Special events or notices/ dates for your diaries:

Half term
Boing! will be shut Monday 11th February to Monday 18th February. Boing! will reopen on Tuesday 19th February. Scrummy Mummys and Honeysuckle Cafe will be held at LPSEYC during this week. All other groups will not be running this week.

Offer of the month:
Book week at Boing!:  Tuesday 19th February: Roald Dahl fancy dress free entry for children dressed up as a Roald Dahl character  Wednesday 20th February: Messy play picture making/ book making 1:30pm -2:30pm  Thursday 21st February: Colouring in sheets  Friday 22nd February: Free ‘Giant peach’ flapjack and Mr. Wonka’s chocolate bar

Opening times for this month: Monday: Closed Tuesday: 12pm—3:15pm Wednesday: 10am—3:15pm Thursday: 12pm - 3:15pm Friday: 10am—3:15pm Saturday: 10am—3:15pm Sunday: Closed
Please be aware that we are closed during half term—please see box above for more details.

Don’t forget we are on Facebook. Come and find us at: BoingSoftPlay

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