EOR Global Markets, Challenges, and Opportunities

Atlanta, Aug 5, 2011

Song Cao Global Synergy Corporation

Presentation Topics

 EOR Concept/Terminology Review  EOR Global Markets  EOR Challenges/Opportunities

 Discussion

EOR Concept/Terminology Review
EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) Terminology  IOR - Improved Oil Recovery  Tertiary Oil Recovery  CO2-EOR  Thermal EOR  Chemical EOR (CEOR)  Microbial EOR (MEOR)  Pre-EOR (Conformance Control)

EOR Concept/Terminology Review IOR and EOR .

EOR Concept/Terminology Review Field-Proven Solution .Chemical EOR Chemical 1: Surfactant (to increase microscopic displacement efficiency) Chemical 2: Polymer (to increase volumetric sweep efficiency) .

EOR Concept/Terminology Review .

EOR Concept/Terminology Review .

EOR Concept/Terminology Review .

(To increase volumetric sweep efficiency and microscopic displacement efficiency)  Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer Flood (ASP) – Advanced SP flood.EOR Concept/Terminology Review Summary of Polymer Technologies  Polymer Flood (P) – Basic chemical flood. (Mobility Controller to increase volumetric sweep efficiency)  Surfactant-Polymer Flood (SP) – Advanced Polymer flood. (Using alkali as sacrifice agent to reduce surfactant usage) .

it only can remove ~20-30% of the original oil in place after waterflood .EOR Review (Pre-EOR) Common Problems with Mature Oilfields (1) Injector Producer  Need secondary recovery (waterflood) after primary methods been exhausted  Left oilfields with high water cut. low production rate. and depleted reservoirs  In general.

EOR Review (Pre-EOR) Common Problems with Mature Oilfields (2) Homogeneous Reservoir .

EOR Review (Pre-EOR) Common Problems with Mature Oilfields (3) Heterogeneous Reservoir .

EOR Review (Pre-EOR) Common Problems with Mature Oilfields (4) Heterogeneous Reservoir .

EOR Review (Pre-EOR) Common Problems with Mature Oilfields (5) Solution: Conformance Control (or Pre-EOR) .

Much of it is recoverable by Chemical EOR.” – Society of Petroleum Engineers 2.000 billion barrels Market value at $50/bbl  $100 Trillion SPE ST200601 .EOR Global Markets Immense EOR Market Potential (1) “Worldwide unrecoverable oil about 2.000 billion barrels.

2005 .): 649 Billion Barrels 170 Billion Barrels Already Abandoned Target for EOR NETL-DOE.S.EOR Global Markets Immense EOR Market Potential (2) Original Oil in Place (U.

EOR Global Markets Major EOR Applications and New Markets New Market .

but small market size  Middle East (Great Potential) o Oman: very aggressive o Other countries: considering it  New Markets with Great Potential: South America. Russia. Africa .EOR Global Markets World EOR Market Summary  North America (Good Potential) o USA: slowly picking up o Canada: picking up  Asia (Great Potential) o China: very active (hot!!!) o Indonesia: slow but moving forward o India: pushing forward.

primarily due to the oil price collapse. then decreased tremendously. N2) leading EOR. Currently accounting only about 1% of total oil production!  Miscible Gas EOR (CO2.EOR Global Markets . but invest large capital in high return projects such as deepwater. HC. outside of US  Many old oilfields are in waterflood with high water cut and most of them are operated by middle-small size companies (easy to work with!) . shale gas. accounting about 10% of US oil production  Chem-EOR recently picking up due to high oil price  Majors are fully equipped with “know-how” and $.USA USA EOR Market Summary  Chem-EOR started in US in early70’s and reached peak in early 1986.

EOR Global Markets .USA USA EOR Market Summary .

USA USA EOR Market Summary .EOR Global Markets .

USA EOR Is Very Sensitive to Oil Price .EOR Global Markets .

USA Major States with Chem-EOR Projects  Texas  Oklahoma  Wyoming  California  Illinois  Kentucky  New Mexico .EOR Global Markets .

EOR Global Markets China EOR Market Summary  National policy to “squeeze out” every possible barrel of oil  Largest fields in decline: o 85% of China’s oil production .onshore mature fields o Major oilfields are over 40 years old with high water cut as high as 85-95% on average  Improved on US Technology: o Commercial polymer flooding started in 90’s o 46% of CNPC new reserves added by polymer flooding o New EOR technologies being continuously invented RESULT: Over 60% Recovery Rate Being Reached China Leads the World in Chemical EOR .

EOR Global Markets .China Major EOR Projects In China Huabei Zhongyuan Liaohe Daqing Xinjiang Dagang Henan Shengli .

China Chemical EOR will be the Dominant EOR Method for Future EOR Reserves in China AP 2% Polymer 24% ASP 50% Thermal 11% Immiscible 5% Miscible 8% Total 2 billion tons (14 billion barrels) recoverable EOR reserves in China .EOR Global Markets .

85 mmbopd)  About 90% water cut in main oil-producing reservoirs. SP and ASP flooding)  50-60% recovery percentage in major oil producing reservoirs  The world largest EOR application . accounting about 40% of China total onshore oil production  Peak annual production of 50 million tons (1 mmbopd) for 27 years and currently about 40 million tons per year (0.EOR Global Markets .China EOR in Daqing Oilfield  The largest oil-producing field in China with a total cumulative oil production of 2 billion tons (14 billion barrels). About 25% of the total oil production from the application of EOR (polymer flooding.

China Daqing Polymer Flooding Process Optimization .EOR Global Markets .

EOR Challenges and Opportunities Major Challenges in Gas/Waterflood (Pre-EOR) Poor Conformance  Poor areal sweep by injected fluid and early breakthrough at offset producers  Uneven vertical sweep due to channeling of injected fluid through thief zones or fractures We have to “recondition” the reservoir before doing EOR .

EOR Challenges and Opportunities Favorable Characteristics for Polymer Flooding • High remaining oil saturation (>25%) • High permeability (>10 md) and porosity (>15%) • Light oil with viscosities less than 500 cp? • Good results in sandstones over carbonates • Reservoir is not highly fractured • Short project life due to favorable combination of small well spacing and/or high injectivity • Fresh water and/or soft water (Salinity) • Reservoir temperatures less than 250 F What or could you do EOR if the above conditions are not there? .

EOR Challenges and Opportunities Polymer Technology Comparison Aspect Polymer Flood SurfactantPolymer Flood AlkaliSurfactantPolymer Flood EOR Efficiency Chemical Cost Operation Cost Scaling Problem Economics .

 Alkaline agents are a hazardous material and must be handled with care when mixing. a higher concentration of polymer is needed compared to that required for a solution with no alkali.EOR Challenges and Opportunities ASP Challenges  Scale in the producing well can form due to the alkali mixing with produced water from different zones or from reaction by-products due to the alkali reacting with the reservoir rock.  More difficult to treat the produced water (or fluids) .  Because alkali shrinks the size of the polyacyrlamide polymer in solution.

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