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This unique formula will Charge Up your Charismatic Power today

It is a unique formula that will quickly increase your charisma – even if you think you are cursed and people will never like you. Do not expect to have an amazing sex life if you’re not Charismatic. Trying to initiate sex or any positive response from a woman without Charisma is like running up an icy mountain with dress shoes on!

QUESTION: You ever experience being in the presence of someone and for some reason you just didn’t want to be around that person? I know I have. To me that person has anti-charisma. It is the total opposite of being charming and it has nothing to do with whether he or she is a good person or not. You can be the nicest person on earth - if your charm level is low, people will be excited about being in your presence. And with the women? Hang it up! She would rather French-Kiss a foaming-mouth cow from China with bone fragments dripping out of its mouth before she gives

This is a 4 ingredient formula that works every time! It does not fail and so far I haven’t seen anything else like it. good-hearted person. It could be with your boss. It could be with women. My goal is to help you understand how easy it is for anyone to have Magnetic Charisma. Even if he is a nice.you the time of day! Don’t even think about executing any Super Sex Power: Magnetism techniques if you have zero charm. It could be with business partners. then follow these 4 easy steps – and be sure to maximize each ingredient and you will own the world! Anything you want to accomplish involving other people will be a breeze. It could be with your employees. And (to her) it will feel like the natural and right thing to do. she will intentionally and strategically engineer/develop ways to get very far away from him. he by defaults comes off as weird and creepy. He is anti-charismatic and it does not matter if he knows it or not. this guy will activate her internal flight-response mechanisms and she will be motivated to do one thing. even though he may have a warm soul. If you want to personally enhance your charisma. And that is to get away from him. That’s right. When an anti-charmer approaches a woman. . He is the anti-charismatic guy.

Take a look at the CR James Charismatic Spectrum Chart below (Figure 1). Your life becomes hell! See Figure 2 below . Take a look at the numbers on the chart . The good news is that it’s not hard. Others go out of their way to help you. .Step One: What is your Charm Level? Think about that for a second. It is almost as if the world is working with you to make your life easier. Figure 1. I want you to realize that when you captivate someone you impact them on a very deep level. then one of your primary goals in life is to be as charismatic as you can be.it represents the infamous anti-charmer sporting his zero CHARM VALUE! Take a look at the arrows . then it is like the whole world is working against you.including other anti-charmers! Figure 2. Of course if are anti-charismatic. Try to determine what your CHARM VALUE is and think about where you want it to end up. The better news is that it’s fun and your whole life changes.they are your CHARM VALUES. If you have charisma. you can get jobs with ease .they represent the intangible force that repels all types of people . If you know the powers associated with charisma.women flock to you.

In fact you have probably noticed that at times it seems as though people (family. I’m not prepared to call the books I read on charisma garbage. It’s not. I wish I could find ten people that were struggling with this . Take a look a Figure 3. I have developed a formula that will increase your charisma in a very short amount of time. but for now I’ll just say that they’re very inefficient (to me).the element about you that makes people addicted to you. Your CHARM VALUE will fluctuate .This is pretty serious. The biggest one that sticks out is the idea that enhancing your charisma is a difficult process.at times it will be low and other times it will be high. You do not have to buy into it. Becoming charismatic is an easy process. friends & strangers) can’t get enough of you. but from my angle I do see many flaws. It goes back to charisma . Having Magnetic Charisma means that you have the addictionpower equivalent to 12 oz. Like I said. Figure 3. of morning coffee and 3 dimes of crack! I’ve read a few books on this issue (not crack. I talking about charisma) and I’m not going to sit here and tell you that these books aren’t effective. Looking at the size of these books and the number of chapters sends the reader an immediate message that a lot has to be done in order to become charming. Your CHARM VALUE is booming during these times.

But for now you will see that the 4 ingredient formula that will be revealed will work immediately. Confidence Compassion Comedy (sense of humor) Engaging th That’s it . You just have to remember four things: 1. Typically.) Then. your charisma feel fluctuate much like your level of . Let’s be fair. (Yes. 4.Three C’s and an E (kinda like my 6 card) That’s the formula: grade report Confidence + Compassion + Comedy + Engaging = Magnetic Charisma Most people are able to achieve amazing charismatic results by just being extremely strong in just two of the four areas. I would rip those pages right out of the book. I would literally throw them in the van.com] Let’s proceed. Next. 3. You can prove it to yourself and thank me later. I have developed a formula that is simple and I’m confident that it will help your increase your charisma. isolating the portions (the meat) of the book that provided valuable insight. There are many great books on this subject. With all of the useless pages ripped out you would have about 6 pages for each book. Maybe you can tell me why the authors and these major publishing companies just don’t make 6 page books. [crjames100@gmail. I would secure a table and grab three books on charisma.I would throw them in a van and drive them to the nearest library. 2. I would then flip through each of the books revealing the pages and pages of useless (or not-so-effective) information.issue .

. 2. you could be the most confident person who ever walked the earth. you are bound to have levels of higher confidence even if it’s for a day. And conversely.) 6. You often find people wanting to not end their conversation with you. You are often told that another person spoke highly of you.confidence. gatherings. But your goal is to maximize your Magnetic Charisma. There still will be moments where your confidence will be lower than normal. People frequently want you to be a part of events with them(parties. 5. You consider dating fun. If you want to know where you stand in terms of magnetism. I don’t care how bad your self-esteem is. To use a baseball analogy. your level of compassion and your level of sense of humor and the level in which you engage with others. When you run into people you see them “light up” or perk up. etc. You are often complimented by people. you are trying to lead the league in batting even though there will be plenty of days you go 0 for 4. 4. It seems as though people laugh or smile at everything you say. (These are 7 out of a million) 7 Clues that reveal if you are a highly charismatic person 1. clubs. 3. 7. take a look at these.

People often pass over you as if you don’t exist. 6. People often give no response to your jokes or comments. I would say that the average person has an idea of where he stands in terms of his charisma level. 5. People you know delay or never return your emails or phone calls. 3. 4. but there so many people that are completely in the dark. . You feel that anywhere you go in various environments (i. You can tell that strangers want to remain distant from you. 7.) people pick on you or talk to you as if they don't respect you. People hardly ever appear to be excited when they see you.e. Most people fall somewhere in the middle of these extremes. work.7 Clues that reveal if you are an anti-charismatic person 1. When dating you know that in a matter of time the person will lose interest. etc. 2. school.

The news and the evils of the world have a way of desensitizing you. or month away from the news. Do not judge anything and suppress your desire to be opinionated . Just like holding grudges will deny you of peace. I’m guilty of this. so this process will literally bring you back to earth! Aside from how this methods works to enhance your charisma. Power Tip #1: Recharge your compassion by spending a day. Don’t read the paper.ENHANCING YOUR COMPASSION It is so easy to get wrapped up in yourself to the point where you effortlessly end up neglecting the people you love and strangers who need your help. Don’t say anything good or bad about anything. The best and quickest way to develop compassion is to see all people as good and to see your self in everyone. Learn to care about others and you’ll develop the compassion. . This is a soul cleansing experience. week. Once you combine compassion with the other ingredients you will notice that people will be drawn to you. People who are extremely charismatic are like a drug that everyone is addicted to. you will find that developing your compassion will give you inner peace.just be neutral and let things be.

Many people think that being confident is the same as being arrogant. he is beautiful. you see that there are no shortages of self-help books. All of these books were created to provide you with confidence. There is an inner-pull (cultivated by social conditioning) that corrects you and forces you to tone things down. he is the world! Why? Because it works! On the other hand: When you actually become confident it is frown upon to say or mention your greatness. Through society. When the poorly-esteemed person is trying to increase his confidence. Many “good-natured” confident people are often regarded as assholes or jerks. How come you are not allowed to say that you are wonderful or great when it becomes closer to the truth? .ENHANCING YOUR CONFIDENCE If you go to the library. ENHANCE CONFIDENCE: LETTING GO OF THE GUILT The sad thing about confidence or people who don’t have it is that they have irrational feelings about it. In a frightening discovery. he is taught (society gives him the OK) to look in the mirror and tell himself that he is great. the person with more confidence has a greater advantage. The world is set up in a way were in every aspect. I found that many people actually started feeling guilty for being confident or as their confidence began to grow. Confidence is the super ingredient in life. we are conditioned to play down our achievements and ignore our greatness (or the things that make us unique). he is wonderful. I think it has to do with how the word is linked so closely to being arrogant and selfish.

We are the ones who are responsible for our self-worth. Maybe it was just a matter of circumstance.What is this world coming to? I’m convinced that we are living in the most pacifying collectively low self-esteemed times ever. “I’m a loser. Who knows? But it is a shame that people will place such great emphasis on events. Once you get in the low confidence zone in which we all may experience from time to time. Maybe a person was already in place and the interviewing process was procedural. how come that’s frown upon? MY ADVICE: Don’t ever be afraid of being confident and showing others that you are confident. AVOIDING LOW CONFIDENCE Do not allow yourself to fall in the low confidence zone. Avoid society’s deep conditioning that attaches and makes an attempt to assign guilt to those that are confident and feel good about themselves. For example. you walk around feeling miserable about people not liking you and the next thing you know you become so miserable . What he believes is evidence is skewed by his distorted way of processing information. If you say that you are great after you accomplished great things. Having low confidence will also create an environment where you are creating false confirmations.” “I’ll never get a job. You’ve seen a person behave like this before. You will see great benefits in thinking this way. it can be challenging to get out. People with low self-esteem will normally have a way of spinning everything they perceive as a negative.” Maybe there was nothing wrong with you.

. It’s that simple.that people really don’t want to be around you. The secret is to have the awareness of the dynamics of confidence. Most of maintaining and increasing your confidence will come from avoiding the drops and decreases. This is done by instantly putting events in perspective.

You don’t have to tell jokes all day long. you will often hear teams mentioning that their success came from just going out on the field/court and just having fun. Knock over the plants in his office. Once you work towards gaining confidence and compassion. Don’t take life so seriously.in nature.” . Just try to smile more. You will see amazing benefits from just enjoying life and telling yourself that you enjoy life. Just joking. you will become happier with little effort. The people who do often are entertained by other people’s pain and struggles.ENHANCING YOUR SENSE Of HUMOR Typically if you have no confidence and no compassion. It is now important to not hold back your sense of humor. it will be extremely difficult to find humor in things. You don’t have to be the next Chris Rock. Start having fun and letting go. I think life is the same way. “Let life come to you. If you are a fan of sports. Put a kick-me sign on your boss’s back. Try to see the beauty in things .

. then challenge yourself to find something good about them. The quickest way to enhance your engaging ability is by speaking to everyone you see. Actually imagine that you are care for the person.” “She seems fun and interesting. you can give them a friendly smile at a minimum. convince yourself that you like them and initiate a conversation. This is the final piece that brings everything together. It also helps to say to yourself things like: “I like her. And if you happen to consistently see “negativity” in others. .” “I like him. You don’t have to have 2 hour long “deep secrets revealing” conversations with everyone who cross your path. pretend that you have a deep respect for him or her. Start conversations. Because anti-charismatic people often see the “bad” in everyone. instead of ‘instantly classifying’ the person.” (anything that assigns the person with value) Once you do this. then people will not be as drawn to you (as much).” “He seems like a cool dude. Align yourself with the “good side” of people. She seems like a good-natured person..ENHANCING YOUR ABILITY TO ENGAGE This is important because if you have the first 3 ingredients satisfied but you are not engaging with others. Then from there. Instead of forming “instant opinions” about others. But I would urge you to get in the mind frame where you are actually excited about seeing people in a more pleasant way.” “I like her. When you see a stranger. so they instant opinions feel justified. Get in the habit of speaking and making small talk. you will experience an undeniable change in how everyone responds to you.

the more you will give off an “energy” that people like you. Would you rather be in a room full of people who like you -.(Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone on the planet decided to be more pleasant. In other words. others can intuitively tell that you are a likable person. People often think that they will come off as pushy and annoying if they just start talking to everyone they see/meet.in a selfish way.a room full of people who don’t like you? Even if you never met both groups. . If one person smiles at me on the way. I will not jump. The only way you will become the “annoying guy” (and I am sure you are thinking of someone specifically) is if you have no concept of what the other person is thinking. respectful and kind?) Here is what has been called the “Saddest note from a bridge jumper:” [New Yorker. It is not true. Think about this. enhances your charisma like crazy because people like people who like them . When you convince a stranger that you like him or that you care about him.or -. I’ll explain what I mean by that. and the only thing you knew is that one group didn’t like you and the other group liked you . they tend to like you back. 10/13/03] “I’m going to walk to the bridge. Women are insanely drawn to a guy with strong social skills. And the more you are able to do this. Women can tell how engaging you are. but it makes sense.if asked – which room would you rather hang out in? (Which group would you like more?) The group who likes you.” So engaging with people (in a way where you begin to respect them and align yourself with the good side of them).

This person never acknowledges anything you say and you are left wondering why do they even want to talk to you. (Employ this 4 ingredient formula and it will not fail you my friend. And someone out of nowhere starts talking to you and they only seem interested in blabbing about himself/herself. Pretend that you are the stranger for a second. It’s happened before. Why? Because people don’t get annoyed by people who make them feel good. Chances are you not going to be annoyed. You are probably going to be annoyed. they seem to care about you and what you have to say. Pushy & Annoying people don’t add anything to the person they are taking to.) So start talking to everyone you see and you will quickly notice a very fast increase in your charisma. Pushy & Annoying people just like to blab about themselves. On the flip side – let’s say you are the stranger and out of nowhere someone starts talking to you and they are reacting positively to what you are saying and in addition to that.Pushy & Annoying people can’t tell when a person wants to be left alone.) . (It’s impossible. LOL.

com . It only takes a nanosecond to decide that you will finish out the rest of the day enjoying life more. I’m not talking about in months. being happy and laughing more.lustsignals. It only takes a nanosecond to decide that you will finish out the rest of the day being more engaging. you will see amazing benefits in no time.OVERALL CHARISMA Once you work towards increasing all four areas.com www. It only takes a nanosecond to decide that you will finish out the rest of the day being more confident.confidence-book. I’m talking about in seconds… Because this is not like Kung Fu where you have to train for years! It only takes a nanosecond to decide that you will finish out the rest of the day showing more compassion. Peace Love & Happiness CR James www.com www. Remember the equation: Confidence + Compassion + Comedy + Engaging = Magnetic Charisma Work towards exercising all four areas (constantly) and you will without a doubt strengthen your charisma my friend.superhappysex.

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