Subject Area: Social Studies Grade Level: 9th Grade – Valley Southwoods – Global Cultural Studies & Global Understanding

. One GCS class is a collaboration class that has multiple special needs students in it. Date: Spring 2011 Objective and Timeframe: Define Monotheism, and identify the three (3) major Middle Eastern monotheistic religions. Summarize the major features of each religion. Compare and contrast those features in order to recognize how similar these religions are, historically speaking. Analyze the relationship that each of these religions have with Jerusalem. Formative: I have a pre-test that I will hand out to all of the students to fill out in the final five minutes, the day before my lesson begins. This worksheet has 24 statements that will apply to 0, 1, 2, or 3 of the religions being taught. After getting these answers, I will be rearranging the room into small groups based on their level of comprehension. In each group, there will be at least one student who “gets it”, one who “kind of gets it”, and one who “doesn’t get it.” There will be between six and nine groups of between three and four students, based on the students’ initial understanding. I will color code a class list Red/Yellow/Green to indicate and keep track of the initial level of comprehension Materials Needed: Religion Pre-Test Pop/Soda - World Religions Map YouTube Video Clips of my Senior World Religions Video Judaism – 2 min 40 sec starting at 7:00 Christianity – 3 min 10 sec starting at 2:00 Islam – 2 min 40 sec starting at 1:03 Powerpoint Presentation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – I will handout copies of the slides for the students to use for notetaking. Origin, Modern Day, & Jerusalem

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