When Religion Becomes the Law of the Land

By Elton Camp So you think the United States is a Christian nation And that, of law, church doctrine is the foundation? History tells of a location a good many years ago Where that bad concept actually did come to be so In Salem, the established church’s law ruled the land It wasn’t many years before things got out of hand Any person whom they deemed to be acting odd Must have been in a state of rebellion against God Never mind if they were old, sick, insane or strange To accuse them of devil worship was easy to arrange And the reason that the religious leaders did give The Law of Moses said, Suffer not a witch to live But exactly how was a witch to be defined? That lay within the accuser’s own mind Lies, distortions, plots all came to abound As more and more “witches” were found Into water the victims they would submerge To see if it would dead or alive they’d emerge If alive, thus proven a witch, they must die If innocent, it was still dead they did lie Crushed with rocks, hanged or drowned They destroyed those evil “witches” found All was done in the name of church and God Religious rule was a most wicked façade You who would give religion such sway, It so easily could again be much this way

Parson: “Thou art guilty of witchery and must die!”