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My wife BabyC has found it hard to find lumpia wrappers in the local grocery
stores in our hometown. So here is a recipe for those who also cannot find lumpia
wrappers. This simple recipe makes about 20 pieces

1 cup of flower

1 egg white

1 1/4 cup water

Mix all the ingredients until very smooth. You may have to adjust this mixture
with more water after you experiment with it. I have found

Then lightly grease a flat non stick page and heat about medium temperature.
BRUSH a light mixture onto the pan. I have found a thinner mixture works best and
if you brush the pan with a light coating of cooking oil and then brush one layer
quickly and then make a second coating. When the dough starts to come away from
the pan, lift the wrapper out carefully. Do not over cook or it will be too
crispy. Experiment and you will eventually get the the trick.

TIP: It will NOT lift off if the mixture is not fully cooked.

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