Out in tweet force

Sharon Chew @shazchew 24 Mar Happy Sunday #Pistorians. Oscar & moi sending hugs n smiles to u. Lizzie @lupin_lizzie 24 Mar #oscarpistorius Behind you every step of the way! Pakita Cruz @pakitacruz 28 Mar #OscarPistorius Half-truths Lies. Gossip. Innuendo. Too many sad, little writers/journos crawling out the woodwork to capitalise. Lisa Crichton @LiSaECrichton 5m Here in SA a rugby player shot 3 times by burglars! Oscar I stand by you for thinking u had a burglar in ur home! Forever Oscar Pistorius! Lisa-Jayne Chenery @lisabud 24 Mar Right ladies im calling it a night speak to you all tomorrow :-D #pistorians ps dont forget to include me in any more #oscarporn :-D Tyger-Lili @LiliTyger 19h Right then, girls, tweet me your favourite pic of O and I’ll do a ‘favourites’ #OscarPorn! Carol Saayman @CarolSaayman 29 Mar @lupin_lizzie Yes Uncle Arnold we DO want u 2help “rebuild” @OscarPistorius, &we (true supporters) KNOW he’s not a criminal. Strength 2u all Tyger-Lili @LiliTyger 27 Mar @DeniseOSh @lisabud @carolsaayman Dreading Oscar’s trial, know I won’t be able to concentrate at work while its on :-( Helen McGregor @Helen1McGregor @JusticeForReeva I mean really who says @OscarPistorius wants to compete he is heartbroken stop jumping to conclusions Helen McGregor @Helen1McGregor @lisabud girls#OscarPorn I could get locked up, actually it’s fine I’m what u call nowadays a Cougar DebbeeCollins @DebbeeCollins 10h @LiliTyger @emg_r_emm @andyryn it will be alright ladies, he and us will weather this storm. Ppl will call him a murderer and call us crazy DebbeeCollins @DebbeeCollins @Sammiloola I dont know no inmates. And u can fuck off hoe! DebbeeCollins @DebbeeCollins 14h @DeniseOSh @KrustyAllslopp @Sammiloola @EmG_R_EmM Humans kill animals everyday, should humans go to jail. Leilani Zietsman @leilanisziets 2h @FansOfPistorius and every one else. WARNING!! FAKE FB ACCOUNT by the name OSCAR LEONARD PISTORIUS. It is NOT Oscar’s account. some physo’s Leilani Zietsman @leilanisziets 24 Mar To ANY ONE reading this tweet. I SUPPORT@OscarPistorius UNCONDISIONALLY!! don’t like it? take me on here stay out my inbox !!