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Head ache

Joint pain Better sleep Back pain Skin care Disin fectant
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Stress Cough Colds  & phlegm & flu

ncbi. 1 drop Frankincense on the head will clear doubt & confusion and bring clarity of mind.Frankincense has very light molecular weight that penetrates quickly into painful joints. DolfCheng Frankincense has been studied for its toxicity to cancerous cells. www. which then signals the thyroids to balance the hormones. Brush your teeth with baking soda/ frankincense to make the gums strong.gov/ pubmed/19296830 . Frankincense heightens levels of meditation.nih.nlm. Pituitary gland The benefits of Add some Frankincense onto facial lotion for help with skin regeneration. Inhaling frankincense oxygenates both the pineal & pituitary glands. Young Living Frankincense essential oil Art. may help rheumatoid arthritis.

Ylang ylang helps with balancing both the male/female energies. Peace & Calming on the wrists & heart may help to calm down anger. Blue Tansy is similar to German chamomile that helps liver & anger issues. DolfCheng To stop teeth grinding. Young Living Peace & Calming essential oil blend Art. Peace and Calming has tangerine that deepens relaxation & orange for uplifting spirits. Perfect blend to bring to the spa. apply on the stomach. diffuse Peace & Caming at night. The benefits of Take a leisurely bath once in a while with Peace & Calming in bathwater.To immediately and NONverbally calm small children. .

1 drop Lavender on underwear eradicates fungal itch in women & jock itch in men. . Stops bleeding & throbbing. Inhale often during flight. DolfCheng 1 drop in palm. Helps jet lag. Try on baby’s feet to calm her down. Lavender is antifungal. rub on the neck & inhale before sleep. Apply on soles of feet. The benefits of Rub all over the back & areas of pain for people with autoimmune conditions. rub & breathe in 6x or more. D i f f u s e to increase relaxation. 1 drop of Lavender on pillow helps with sleep. Young Living Lavender essential oil Art. Use on burns to heal faster. This will help to increase the oxygen in our body.

Make peppermint tea to soothe the stomach and aid digestion.Rub on temples and forehead for headache. Breathe it in to bring oxygen into the body. 1 drop may also be good for hangover. Painful joints. rub on the stomach. hands & fingers The benefits of For stomachache. Inhale when feeling nauseated or dizzy. DolfCheng Rub under the feet or all over the body to bring down fever. knees. Put a drop under the tongue if feeling stuffed and hard to digest. Back pain neck pain & all kinds of pain. Young Living Peppermint essential oil Art. Diffuse peppermint when studying to improve concentration. .

Use a drop when you drink public water. Diffusing or drinking lemon while studying can help to retain information before a test. . The benefits of d-limone w/ 73% ne combats tumors Drink a glass of water with 3 drops lemon to relieve heartburn. 2~3 drops Lemon in water balances the pH in the body towards an alkaline state. Young Living Lemon essential oil Art. DolfCheng Reduces phlegm with regular use of 3 drops in water everyday. Kills germs. corns & bunions. Rub on elbows & feet to smoothen callus.Clear out the toxins on your tongue with a lemon drink upon waking. Helps with constipation with regular use of lemon+water drink.

The benefits of On a bad fall. Add carrier oil if too hot. DolfCheng Use some PanAway on the cheeks for toothache. Clove in PanAway numbs pain. Immediately apply lavender for swelling then PanAway. Young Living PanAway essential oil blend Art. PanAway may help with RA or ease arthritic pain. For sore muscles & sports injury. Pain always comes with tension which can be released with peppermint. .Helichrysum in Pan Away acts as an anti coagulant for clots & painful inflammation. PanAway has natural methyl salicylate which acts as a blood thinner when pain is intense.

Young Living Valor essential oil blend Art. DolfCheng Apply 5 drops Valor from the neck down to the lower back will help to re-align spines. Apply on the spines. The benefits of Rub on the outer ears to release worry. but use with Vetiver. of the feet to stop snoring. Helps with centering scattered energies of hyperactive children. Apply Valor at the bottom Valor on chest will help with confidence in social situations. Helps with scoliosis. helps to overcome fear of public speaking.Rub Valor on chest for courage and confidence. . Helps to heal broken bones. but should be paired with the Raindrop Technique.

DolfCheng Put 1 drop on pimples. . flu. Purification has myrtle. candida and infection. Purification has lemongrass . Can be used with carrier oil. Young Living Purification essential oil blend Art. Make your own spray for rooms & cigarette smoke. Purification has melaleuca alternifolia which is antibacterial. for added protection.anti fungal/parasitical. rose mary and lavan din that can fight colds. Put 1 drop directly on ticks to get rid of them. The benefits of Alternate w/ Thieves during diffusing. eliminates airborne microbes.Diffuse Purification for 20 minutes every 3~4 hours. applied to skin to ward off mosquitoes and bugs.

& molds in the room. 1 drop on toothbrush will kill germs and protect cavities. Anti-viral protection. Inhale thieves when inside the airplane to avoid opportunistic virus. Young Living Thieves essential oil blend Art. 1 drop under the tongue or in a glass of water at the onset of a sore throat. Caution: Thieves is HOT. rub under the feet will give you protection Diffuse to kill germs when in public.Few drops under the feet of children before they go to the kindergarten will shield them from bugs from other kids. DolfCheng Apply thieves under the feet. use only 1 drop or gargle instead. . diffuse in the room many weeks before the season changes. The benefits of clove y rosemar cinnamon us eucalpyt lemon 1 drop on a mask when you are in the hospital to avoid MRSA and other hospital germs.

com Art. DolfCheng . come online and purchase this kit for only $150! You can now purchase oils at membership prices!! www.Start Living with Everyday Oils All the 9 oils come in  5ml bottles Also for head  and stomachache Rub on stomach to help digestion Drink to  cleanse liver Rub on backpain to  align the spines Also for  burns Inhale to relieve stress Rub on head  for meditation Rub on neck for gentle sleep Also for  gargling Rub under feet for viral infection Dab on wounds & insect bites strains & joint pains Rub on neck  To become a Young Living member.youngliving.

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