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Purpose: This policy provides employees with guidelines on using annual leave to ensure adequate refreshment and/or balance

between work and personal activities. Eligibility: 1. Permanent employees with a labor contract of definite or indefinite term. Part time/seasonal/hourly paid employees are not entitled to annual leave. 2. Employees who have not passed the probationary period are not entitled to annual leave. 3. Employees with less than one year of service are entitled to prorated annual leave. 4. Unless otherwise mentioned in the labor contract, annual leave for employees are as below table: Employees Year of Service Days of Annual Leave per Year Under 15 years 15 From 15 years and less than 30 years 18 Over 39 years 21 Process: 1. Leave year: a leave year runs from 01st January to 31st December. 2. Leave application: leave applications must be planed and approved by immediate supervisors at least two work days in advance in order to ensure smooth operations of the department where leave takers were work. All leave applications should be filled the HR Department, 3. Unused leave: The maximum number of unused leave days that can be carried forward to the next years is 05 days. Any unused leave days exceeding these five days are forfeited without compensation after 31st December every year. 4. Annual leave update: By the end of every leave year, the HR Department updates employees annual leave records for the next years balance. Therefore, all employees should return annual application forms to the HR department for the update. 5. Annual leave reminders: The HR Department will take responsibility to remind managers and employees of quarterly annual leave balance to ensure that all employees take enough rest to recover from work. Historical table: Date of compilation 29.12.2004 Complier Human Resources Dept. Code HR 00.03.01 Replaces for the pre. Procedure NA Reason or content of modification New creation