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The 28th President of the US

Thomas Woodrow Wilson

Name First name Date of Birth Place of Birth Parent's names Job before becoming President Spouse Children Political Party Date of election Date of re-election Death: When & how Anecdote

His name was Wilson. His first name was Thomas Woodrow. He was born the 28th of December 1856. He was born in Staunton. His father was Joseph R. Wilson but I don't know the name of his mother. He was a history teacher, a universitary, a politician and a lawyer. He was married to Ellen Wilson and Edith Bolling Wilson. He had three children. He was a Democrat. He was elected on the 5th of November on 1912. He was re-elected the 7th November on 1916. He died on the 3rd of February 1924 in Washington. He had the nobel prize of peace in 1919. Source : Eldal 3meB.