May 11–June 14, 2013

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Save up to 50% as we salute 65 years of parties!

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a Servalier® 13-Pc. Bowl Set— exclusive! Just a single touch opens or closes the quick-as-a-wink, Instant Seals. Includes 3-cup/700 mL, 4-cup/ 950 mL, 8-cup/1.9 L, 11-cup/2.6 L and 17-cup/4 L, plus four 10-oz./ 300 mL and four 20-oz./590 mL bowls. $142 value. Save $71! 81725



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b Classic Stacking Canister Set— exclusive! Keep treats as fresh as first made. Includes Instant Seals. 8 cup/1.9 L. Set of two. Limit one set with each $50 order. $30 value. Save $12! 881824 b



Only a special selection of products is featured in this brochure. To view our complete range of products, please ask your Consultant for your free copy of the latest Tupperware Catalog.




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a Servalier® 2½-Gal./10 L Canister—exclusive! Take almost anything anywhere this summer. Totes food, beverages, beach toys and more. Includes twin, built-in carry handles and one-touch, Instant Seal. $45 value. Save $16! 81726



To receive a catalog of the complete line of Tupperware® brand products: attend a party or contact your Tupperware Consultant listed here. To find a Consultant in your area, visit or call 1-888-TUPWARE.




Save 35%!
b Classic Sheer® Pitchers Set—exclusive! Push-button seal controls flow of ice and beverage. Includes 2-Qt./2 L Classic Sheer® Pitcher and 1¾-Qt./1.75 L Classic Sheer® Pitcher. $39.50 value. Save $14.50! 81723

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c Summer Tumblers Set—exclusive! Includes virtually liquid-tight seals. 12 oz./350 mL. Set of four. Limit one set with each $75 order. $19 value. Save $8! 881823







Host today. Entertain all summer.
1. date a party.
Ask a Consultant about hosting a party today! Pick a date to hold that party and you’ll receive the exclusive 14-oz./400 mL Serving Bowl FREE! $6 value.

2. host a party.
Host a party with $150 or more in sales and receive a FREE Thank You Gift of your choice from among a selection of our most popular products from the latest Tupperware Catalog valued up to $25.*


free! with a $550 party and 2 datings**
Ice Prisms 12-Pc. Entertaining Set—exclusively for Hosts! Party in worry-free style! Exclusive Ice Prisms combine crystal-like elegance with unmatched dependability. Includes 2-qt./2 L Pitcher with Cover, four 16-oz./470 mL Tumblers, four 8"/20 cm Party Plates, and 2-cup/500 mL Small Bowl, 8-cup/2 L Medium Bowl and 14¾-cup/3.5 L Large Bowl, each with virtually liquid-tight seal. $173.75 value! 8725 $83 in Host Credit *Limit one Thank You Gift with qualifying party. **Limit one set with party sales of $550 or more and two friends who date and hold their own parties. Future datings must be held within 21 days.



celebrate Dad
Give him something he’ll truly enjoy. Save up to 35% for Father’s Day!

Camo Thirstquake Tumbler*— exclusive! Keep a man-sized thirst at bay. Includes virtually liquid-tight seal with flip-top drink spout. 32 oz./950 mL. $14 value. Save $5! 81722

Rectangular Sandwich Keepers— exclusive! Take subs or wraps on the go in one-piece, hinged container. Set of two. $16 value. Save $5! 81721

Ice Cream Scoop The finest of its kind. Easily cuts through the hardest ice cream. Q $29 value. Save $9! 81719


$ 00

*Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty.







Each item $20 or less!

Pick-A-Deli® 2-Pc. Set— exclusive set! Each includes lift-up strainer. Includes 8½-cup/2 L Square Pick-A-Deli® Container and 4½-cup/1.2 L Small Square Pick-A-Deli® Container. $31.50 value. Save $12.50! 81724

Commuter Mug—exclusive! Keep beverages hot or cold up to an hour. Features liquid-tight, screw-on cover and non-skid base. 12 oz./350 mL. Q $20.50 value. Save $6.50! 81717

Order by June 4 for delivery before Father’s Day.






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Reward someone special and save on these children’s gift classics.


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a Disney Vintage Canisters*—limited edition! A collector’s dream! Includes 5-cup/1.2 L, 8-cup/1.9 L, 12-cup/2.8 L and 17½-cup/4 L canisters with One Touch® Seals. $50 value. Save 20%! 81716



© 2013 Disney

*Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty.




Save 35%!
c b Disney Peek-A-Boo Tumblers* Look here for savings! Includes virtually liquid-tight seals with flip-top spouts. 16 oz./470 mL. Set of five. $45 value. Save $16! 81718


2900 1800

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c Shape-O® Toy Entertains and educates. For ages six months and up. $29 value. Save $11! 81720



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Servalier® Salad Bowl Set—exclusive! Ideal for outdoor entertaining. Includes quick-as-a-wink, Instant Seals. 16 oz./475 mL. Set of four. Limit one set when you attend a party. $30 value. Save $15!

MID-MAY BROCHURE May 11–June 14, 2013

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