AASHTO Various American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

ABACUS Abaque Architecture A parallelepiped crowning a column, a pilaster or a capital. When this crowning is decorated with moldings, it is called raised table. See Figure1 ABIETOAbiétoMaterials A prefix indicating abietic-acid-based products, the principal component of rosin. Several abietic resins are used in the paint industry: abietoformophenolic resins (les résines abiétoformophénoliques); abietoalkyd resins (les résines abiétoglycérophtaliques); abietomaleic resins (les résines abiétomaléiques). ABILITY Capacité Strength of Materials The intrinsic characteristic of a material to respond to external stresses (e.g., absorption ability, deformation ability). ABILITY BENDING TEST Essai d aptitude au pliage Metallography A test to check the ability of steel to undergo bending stresses without significant degradations of its internal structure. A test bar positioned on two parallel supports is bent by a round punch pressed in the centre of the bar. No cracks must appear either on the edge or convex faces of the fold in the bar. ABLATION Ablation Geomorphology 1. Loss of mineral matter of a rock due to erosion. 2. The eroding of a river bed due to the combined abrasive action of water and waterborne materials in it.

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