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Language v. Deceipt

Language v. Deceipt

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Published by AmericanSappho
love, sincerity, peace, prosperity
love, sincerity, peace, prosperity

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Published by: AmericanSappho on May 14, 2013
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I’m language ---- what you say when you least trust You use me in uses I have no fun While

the winds sing of peace and of praises You are non stop goddamn it ….tedious The economy mocks your science It laughs at how you Non-profit yourself as though you’re master of the universe what you cannot comprehend or fathom It’s uncouth that you vouchsafe ignorance Even when it’s funny as hell to watch It lacks satire and irony It makes you appear less fearsome you know What is gothic is what you disappear The large and gaping hole of your heart

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