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Liberty WAY | of the Seas™ DEPARP MANE FLORIDA Saturday, May 17, 2008 ‘WELCOME TO ‘THE FIRST DAY OF THE MOST AMAZING VACATION OF YOUR LIFE, ‘This week wil be filled with boatloads of activities, wonderful adventures and unforgetable experiences [nother words, there i ings you won't want to miss. Each night you wll receive a Cruse Compass and Daily Planer in your stateroom so ‘The list below highlights the ‘TODAY'S FORECAST Pay Con SOF FET SUNRISE 6:33 0m TOMORROW 737 pm ALS ot ta do and see. oujcan ge jump planing our adrntres fore nest dag. Remeber hat our crew are 6 etre you recive est tice and hve the best vacation, 80 ‘TODAY'S TIPS ‘to ask any questions you may have, out there. Pease not that luggage delivery is a lengthy process. Thank you for your patience and understanding * Fimilorize yourself with the safety routine onboard and your Assembly Station, your assigned meeting ‘place incase of emergency. View our safety fil on your stateroom television, channel 27. There wall beta compulsory musterng today a 415 pm. + Phol Towels are avalable for your we atthe Towel Staton, Deck 11. You may exchange Jou tol fora ean towel toughen ‘our crue action athe Towel Sain, Tels then ned io be eturned to the Towel Station by Day 7or your SeaPass account will be charged $20 per towel HELPFUL TRAVEL HEALTH ADVISORY ‘As youmay ave hear hi a ery ace ‘area and yorting, The Unied States Center for 23 ron Ae ‘wading your hands pe vale of reua land sass cn be und ought sap ya for noire, which produce symptoms of upset stomach, Bees Contd Ed ea at oy ot ans contac noon nd each er Lesa aaa towash thei haa cng any othe sp’ conesenc. you shold 'tnorvis, plase el fe to vst orcontact the ship's MidicalEnciy fora, \_ Sioa Deleon . a s TONIGHT’S ENTERTAINMENT ‘Your Cruise Direcor, Allan Brooks, proudly presents the WELCOME ABOARD SHOW ‘Starring Comedian Jim David and Featring the Juslg of Adam Kario 8:00 pm for All Guests Platinum Theatre, Decks 3 & 4 ease be reminded thatthe saving of seats and video taping of shows is strictly prob Also; ee ee [Kindly ask that you refrain from using your cell phones in the theater. DON'T MISS THE EXCITING LIBERTY EXPO! Join us on the Royal Promenade from 2:00 pm. Let us show you what we have in store for you this ‘rue vacation. Over $1000 in prizes to be won in the fee ralle. The rafle will be drawn at 3:30 pm. ‘You must be present 9 i ~~ SOCA-LICIOUS PARADE Starring the Cruise Program & Entertainment Division and our Liberty Family. Don't mis the frst -ftwo beautiful parades! Bring your cameras! FAMILY WELCOME. ABOARD SHOW ‘We invite al families to an introduction to our award. winning Adventure Ooean program. Join us Sr our ‘Welcome Aboard Show staring the Adventure Ocean Dream Team. Showtime at 5:45 pm, Studio B, Deck3 “ENCORE! am ICE SPECTACULAR ‘Don't miss this incredible ice show. Due to seating limitations, complimentary tickets are needed for this spectacular event. Ticket distribution is omorrow from (an forthe whole family $330 am~ 10:45 amin the On Air Cla, Dock 3. 11:15 pm, Royal Promenade, Deck 5 Shows wil tke place on Sunday, Tuesday 8¢ | "Wenesday evening. SAILAWAY DOWER Casual Attire eS Main Seating ~ 6:15 pm in Rembrandt, Michelangelo & Botel Din pas Reams, Decks ‘Second Seating ~ 8:45 pm in Rembrandt, Michelangelo & Bottceli Dining Roa, Decks 3, DMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR ‘YOUNG CRUISERS “Those guests 17 years of age and under who are ot accompanied by an adult mst be lear ofall pub areas by 1:00 am each evening unless involved in an ‘Adventure Ocean atv / Teen actviye Far farther guidance please refer tothe (Guest Conduct Policy which canbe found inthe Cruse Services Directory in your TRE TOP 10 THINGS 70 D0 ON A ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE VACATION 1. Bring your cnke vacation to new height ~ eal: Soaring 200.8 ‘iets he Rea Cdn Wal i somching to sc but, more Soot ee 2, Indulge youre you deserve it. Bok an apoinent aya our Liberty Pay Spm 3, From comedians, magicians, singe sd dances, let ur enterainrs amaze sent in the Patina Theat 4. With so many shore excursions ke SCUBA diving and parsing, we ave jut te thing for every Seng ow adventures, Bok day. 5. Whather yu ie saa, rk bloom dance, one of cur mary bar od lounges ‘vl sey sit your dancing neds. 6. Napa Vly i the mid ofthe Cantbean? You bell Be sre to ist ‘Vinge our wie Bar tsa. 7. The Royal Promenade i lined with begs ye wih senting rom designer dads to cite Jewelry. So get out hee and shop lou drop. 8. Practice your figure 8's0n one ofthe only ce nk tn. 9, Aa imimet diner eats you roy fine fata cus at Foto oth eet steak ot Chops Gaile, Clan ale your ‘Gener reeaons 0, 10. Top of your evening in Ole or Trt ‘cone of our other mary exing bare td oer Get ready for fun! Check out the Daily Planner for each day's activities. Shore | ‘Mani. Want to book: Peers Rat iota oy = wren oa iomcbauminy ears one Se mri Soran CHECK YOUR DALY PLANNER FOR EVENT/DINING TIMES AND LOCATIONS FooD § BRIKE Anchor Aaya $5.95 culls tga Ga noe smngota ok blend of Vad, on, avnble ia ouneir wetremeria br ” Uae in Soda Package: sort othe wes for only $42 for guess TSyeas Sa upanl OB egos persue, Wine & Dine Seen capes tobe a sae We 6D wa Nin eB kan aa Beacon ora Vina Speiny Raters Orb oncn enjoy varus upscale dng options wi Slee pa te alan th roman coe yu wana Grille. fetourans arlene oe Dee these are specaly restaurants, so be Seto make eee Seno S ! — Tour ever we have Siete ia rotate Phelan tot seer ‘visiting. Excitement Batyouringssr= Explorer Academy ~ Embarkon lea adventure, From dancing to scapbooking out Epon Academy roma ies avant of wrote aces ted Seve Reve esoy on youreruse cation, Try one, ory FirstTime Cruisers Clab —What'o do, where (ado weno Armenia eC in say dots ignore omen us pode fr re sive. sh fener sot Gincageod ae House ~ Come sale ban Se cis you dung ths crse vacation, Famity Disco ~ This isa time hat las are welcome dance ino ii Raise Dares fora pn acund the ance for Commnunity Bulletin Board - ooking olike- trate sea So bythe CalePhoenae on Sai etalaat Roles ~The Game Show wit no sierwrong somver, Come song nd ea answer. Come along a | Specialey | Seteiimited teams oly. ‘SPORTS § FIT FITNESS ~ There ig wide esr ore foe ears ans Bins an ea Pesan tan ling you tay ityourbob waht ae iy Aecmadin eit meet hate al om the up toe boom ofthe Lfostnd gorse inthe word the Wipe Out Barnow, Dk Saft Waperanner Fan —Reota waverunner and eh el tn sd cn bade Ae ed your Shacetslimiedso san uptody ‘Sea Tek Dive Program —Expeience the caderyatr Seerten eutge “ your BAL nat ents ie Yaar eee Fenian Din for the ride of your life! The 2 ae body Recingce $000 rane Sct aoetah berterat Orpen | Pore ‘ie fot ocean wave: Riders must eat est 58" osutand 32° Booge Board. FlowRider Private Use and Lessons - Joins forthe of your lel Book your own pevais hour atthe Wipe Gut Barwith one ofyour Sports Salt Cnboard to expesence the rah allt your el | VITALITY Health & Wellness Program Vii achieve total wellesin oe ‘edyacl recon esa Lemaeeet iin eea iene Vitality Orientation Seminar ~Lesm how viboenetteeette iy cay ec ‘Boteta ened mar vc amg about teproeam ‘SPA & BEAUTY The Liberty Day Spa is located on Deck | Bordon Dey Spotl soe vit face ‘body wena ed oye Win Fe Teme —Join us in stertonghta 3215 pon BEET! Brou?Spemite ong Mite recat win rade i CE Dict oe Fever ss cal eae, Te cae re emtbereg eran oe Pea Comet arte eta roe a Jnformation and find cot bow couples can get boner Travelers” Tension - Ease the ssf day fe aoe ‘aage and spa aca $109 Tonight Oly onithermie Mee -Discaver a whole nor wah ontherme rhe tenen thatean remove up oe cl your hips, tig nd abdomen. see oi Emmerdin. Calor more sormaton ONBOARD SHI OPER adem Aas Gatanteed" Our Shops On Board guarantee to ‘match pe pric ny identical item from our fpatoFcale Aska ‘eemore ‘sets on the Royel Promenade. Complimentary Mahe vers - Visit Ada our one macs geligh at complimentary malaria he pertase apo FRgel Promenade Appsiatnents arte so scindule yourscaioorod Gaappoinneat Guess The Price Of The Picasso ~ Vespa rt apd you sul wi oat infesereg e chan risen ei nol fsene Dates < os Photo Galery Ree ration. Let ‘sand tinge poten. Duta your Gamera elie phar mayo ern renee re rn ts Bot. Al pe are eee cr Pcs Cal. Aratralan Aibputhed Testoos Met Rremettioud cea of ounmagsecogers Oot trae tos ae henna rea, Spproved and best ofall temporsy! GAMING $500: ‘uarant Sad’ complimentary Let'skick off Bin pore Jeinzour Acris Manager Rob rectors Stall. Alsowin. tour upoomigg Casino Reval son telecomms on ite gotta play to win! Gaming Lesgons -Well each you vin cau a Come nd ey oihmetary BREE Rese, Cobpean Sed Fes 3 Cand ir Cpe Lat de as Plddeon as 306 Slots Rewards — Use out SeaPass los to earn your “Club ‘See your fend casino staff Reval athe de oer TEAR HERE: E E ge ‘AClean ShaveBarber Noon =11:00 pm Dek 5, Dia 2981 (Appeinment advisable) An Galery 7.00 pm 10:00pm Deck ‘ralian Airbrushed Tattoo Artist L 2:00 pm 4:00 pm Duck 5,Roal Prana 7.00 pes~ 1030 pm Casino Royale 6.00 pn —lte Desk, Dil 3171 Dek5, Real Promenade Doctors Hours 5:00 pm-7.00 pm Deck, -sgency Only Dil 911 \—oratons! Bese 1130 am 400 pm Deck 5, Dia 3936 eur Sale) 6.00 pe ~ 9:00 pm Floral Cart 5.00 pm=90 pm Dek 5 Royal Puma Goeet Relations 24 hour Deck H20 Zone 8:00 am 8.00 pm Deck Fe United Stes Public Hea, pall up/winuen or diaper ar ot permed inthe ‘vimmig os including the HO Zone. All chen murtbe pty tine. "Aaistance Languaee: $00 pn 4:00 pm 5:00 pm-8:00 pm Deck 6a {abot Day Spa, 11:00 am ~ 10:00 pm Deck 12, Dial 6982 ‘ShipShape Center 1100 am— 10-00 pm Deck 11 Libeary 24 hous Deck 7 Lamy & Cosine Sales Manager Noon =7:00 pn ‘Duk Ry Promenade (Adveri) Medica Facility 5:00 pm~7.00 pm Dek 1 alt, Dial 51. Operator hours Dal Photo Gallery 600 pm-11:00 pm Desk 4, Dia 3870 Photo Shop 730m 1000 pm Deck Port & Shopping Guides 2.00 pm 3:45 pa royalearbeanoofines Zhou Deck ‘SeaTiek Dive Shop 2.00 pe 6:30 pm Deck 11, Dial 3889 ‘Shope On Board 6:00 pa 11:00 pm Deck Swimming Pool 24hour ‘lected Pols and Hot Tab are open 24 hous for your enjoyment. Gest are ded there sno Lieut on dt, The Solari Pot, Het Tab and the \sarum area are reserved for guets V6 and elder nly. Chidren must be supervised "Fe two Main Pools and inthe HO Zone tal mes. As a courtesy to ther ‘gut, we ark you not to resrve deck chairs 8 the upper deck o poolside, Ral (CarbennTnterstonal not sponsible fo theo ns of property eft on deck chair ce poo areas “Tumdo Rentale 230 per 4:00 pon Dack5, Rope Promenade ‘SPORTS DECK ACTIVITIES & OPEN HOURS (Adel porting edents ror sue 18 and older) Baalatball ourt-Open Ply 24s Deck 13 PlowRider GonseBoaring) 130 pn 320 ge & 5:30 pon —7:30 pen ‘Demonsiaicad 515 pet 530 pm Pease removes ever items. Ladies ae sited o wear a tabi. A ElowRider waiver ‘mustbe completed. Wane desk wil coe approximately 45 inte} hour before og tine. ‘Golf Simulate Open for viewing 1:30 px —3:45 pm 5:45 pen —8 00pm (Reeseration equite $25 fr apes. $12.50 no show fe if eservaion not cancelled 24 hum poe) You may rere etme forthe Col Simulator with oe of your Spots Team atthe Wipe Out Baron Deck 13 oro0 RCTV. Liberty Fairvays Golf 24 hous Deck 13 Ping Pong. 24h Dek 4 Rock Cimbsing Wall Deck 13 (Demonstaton and signup) 2:00 pm—3:30 pm (Open iibing) 530 pm ~ 73 Pee bing sian shorn and thing met be dy. A Rock linbing ‘Wlwaer uate comple once crite vaeatin, Chien mas be 6 ya fag or ‘climb Prensa be praca ign waive fr cde nde be age of Band \ we ty to persie hides under he pet 13 yea. Adult mate etna he 3xL banca cn Sin wpe wl one 15 mina re cine ‘Shlfleboard| 24 hours Dek4 Sports Pool ‘Noon 6:00 pa ‘aewiaming) Stoboardside Deck I ‘eee noi: Al Bars and venues wil be closed fom 4:00 pm until the Emergency ‘Assembly Dil is completed. Fr farther information and dexiotons of onboard serices and policies, please read {-_lmportant Irfermation onthe back of pour Day 1 Cruise News. Environmental Fact - Roya Cariean International ships cary an Environmental Officer ho ensures that we hep our shie een and tidy. ovo ene t i Pee on enenucnn Py SMe ace ‘Saturday, May 17, 2008 Departure: 430 pa IN SNACKS DAILY AA Liberty ofthe Ser “grag eens rene ct yr Sana Ou Mate swilbe nse by fy gut my tae migraine Dig Ro 2Ahoum Contin Coatinens Coates 1130 am 3:45 po 1130 am ~ 4.00 pm 1:00 p= 0 pen 2.00 pn ~ 3:45 pm 330 pn 4:15pm 430pm 445 pm 500 om 5:00 pa — 839 pm 5:00pm 1000 pm 5:15 pa 530 pa. 5:30 pm — 600 pm 55 pa. 5:5 pm —600 pm ety Sia ‘Snset Main ss, 20% , Schone Bat Greate Vile fe Pane, Renal Premed Soper Mtb preseatowin DeySe Ft Tne Cre’ Ci, Schooner Bar Complimentary Gain Leon, Caio Royle ‘Adventue Oza iy kore bart Show, SecboB ‘Sng’ Get-Tegethes Sy Bar Deas Chane 27 Cbs 15 Chased 22 Dek Deck 12 Dek 12 Dats Des: Ded 45 Desk Desk 12 Deck Dek Dea 12 Det Dekd Dek Dek 12