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ArtTalk Portfolio Critique Sheet Describe What do you see?

? Artists Name: KyleDate Created: SpringTitle of the work: Greeting Card Medium used: Illustrator Analyze How is the work organized? What elements or principles of design are used? Use art vocabulary to analyze the work. Lines: What kind of lines are in the work? Straight, curved, dotted, broken, wavy, jagged, textured, horizontal, vertical diagonal, contour or outlines. Were the lines created by abrupt color, value or texture changes? (2-3 sentences) The only lines used in the piece border the greeting card. There is text that follows straight and curved lines but the lines themselves are not visible.

Color and Value Are the colors warm, cool, bright, dull, light, opaque or transparent? Values resulting from combinations of lights and darks, or shades and tints of a color. Shapes (two-dimensional) and forms (three-dimensional), representational, abstract, organic, geometrical, open, closed. Texture Rough, smooth, coarse, soft, bumpy, hairy, shady, etc. Simulated you can see but not feel it or real. (Dont confuse texture with pattern the repetition of some motif in a recognizable order, such as polka dots or a checkerboard. (2-3 sentences) The color is very vaguely shaded and dark. It gives a good texture to the crow image on the second page and the pure black adds emphasis to the blodoy handprint on the back.

Balance: What contributes to balance in the composition? Is the balance symmetrical, asymmetrical or radial? (2 -3 sentences)The balance appears to be radial on the front page and symmetrical on the last page. The text and formation of art such as crows contribute greatly to the balance.

Interpret What message does this artwork communicate to you? Write about the feeling, mood or message of this work. Defend your interpretation with evidence from the description and analysis information above and/or use art history or past experiences. (3-5 sentences)The message appears to be nonexistent as there is no text inside the card. As for the feeling, a very unnerving feeling is what is supposed to be conveyed to the viewer. For the mood, the mood is very gloomy.

Judge What do you think of the work? Write about the success of this work, explain.
(3-5 sentences)The work is somewhat successful. Success is taken away from the piece by the lack of tet inside of the actual card which gives it no meaning excluding a cultish way where the card itself would give a message. The crows were well made as well as the handprint and text on the cover and back page, the piece is just lacking a message. Mike Vargas