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Bamboo Newsletter June 2012

Invest in something that will grow 3 inches every day and yield abundantly, every year for 40 years – The solid bamboo
This is one of the very few investments without administrative and logistical headaches; The culms of this species (Oxytenanthera abyssinica) mature at an early age of 3 to 4 years, and this makes the harvesting age relatively short; On one acre you can plant over 100 seedlings with a spacing of 5m by 5m square. Unlike the more usual trees bamboo clump lasts for 40 years; Clump diameters range from 1m to 8m, and clumps may contain up to 300 stems with 23 internoted of 32cm; Plant the solid bamboo and start your own toothpicks or matchsticks making business, process fencing poles, process and package bamboo charcoal. All these have great demand in the export market; You don’t have to give up your lifestyle to farm bamboo. Remain in your suit and maintain your manicured nails and still export matchsticks to UAE; This super bamboo can produce a total biomass of 19,000 kg/ha and up to 9-10 tons of bamboo charcoal per hectare per year with a minimum rainfall of 350 - 800 mm; To the tea factories! This is your opportunity to develop your own forests and become self sufficient in bio fuel. Bamboo has been used as feed for cattle and other livestock for hundreds of years; Bamboo farming integrates economic development and environmental protection; Its four inch in diameter poles are popular as for fencing. Each pole can sell for Ksh 200 and a club can yield up to 600 four meters long poles; High volume of quality raw material for building, manufacture of wooden products like tiles and, parquets, flower/horticultural stands, industrial wood for energy e.g. in tea factories; This special species can provide families with sustainable income for over 40 years. We have all the seedlings you need. But don’t tell everyone!!
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