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to money, and a large proportion of people love to gamble in an attempt to gain more money. Personally, im one of the type that will not bet unless the odds are 80% in my favour at a minimum, however every day thousands and thousands of people go through the local Casino trying their luck at making a bit of extra cash. Now, if the odds of winning were against the Casino, then the Casino would obviously be losing money, and endup going bankrupt. So to combat this, Casino's attempt to offer games with the possibility of winning around the 30-40% range. This means that if you were to Blackjack for example, you would generally win four out of every ten games you play. Although these odds are accepted by half of society, i do not find them to my liking. I find that a common past time for me is to try to reverse every situation i come accross, Casino games being no exception. So naturally card counting was a natural step. Now, for those of you who dont understand why card counting is so effective, its because it allows you to predict with a high possibility what cards are going to appear at what times. The famous example of this is the movie Rainman. For someone with a perfect memory like this, card counting is a sinch, and this is why. The game of Blackjack has generally got either four or six decks to a shoe, so four decks are taken, shuffled together, and placed in what is called a shoe. When the shoe is empty, another is filled up and the game continues. Now, for our example the shoe will be a single deck of 52 cards. When the first card is drawn in a well shuffled deck, the chances of any Deuce coming up would be one out of thirteen. However, if no Deuces had been drawn after the first 40 cards, then the probability of a any Deuce coming up would be one out of three. This would mean that at this point, if we required a Deuce to beat the opponent, we now have a one out of three chance of getting it. So by this rule, with a perfect memory, it

if the dealers card was a three. as the the total of the dealers cards has little chances of beating yours.is possible to remember every single card that appears on the table. as you arent really playing anoyone else in the game. The dealer is fixed to his/her actions. and places a single upturned and a single card facedown for himself. let me explain to you why Blackjack is the game of choice for gamblers with real skill. well and truly in your favour. then you dont need to draw unless you are under 11. But however. that means that for example the dealer is forced to draw cards to 16. let alone a single deck. Now. so methods have to be created to allow simple counts to be performed. After applying a simple count this is increased to around 48% and with a complex count. the aim is not too get 21. For the average person. The basic strategy is as follows. and therefore you should draw. and if the dealer is low. A totally unmodified game against a dealer with no memory of prior cards and using no techniques has around a 38% chance of winning. it is increased to around the 58% mark. if the dealer shows high. Now if the dealer showed an eight. then the mix of the dealers two cards will range from 12 to 21. Now of the other side. and splits can . then the total of the dealer will probably he high. then he/she could only have a total from between four and 13. Insurance comes into it when you are counting. then you should stand for sure. you are able to predict with high accuracy what cards are going to appear. and as the shoe loses more and more cards. you should never draw above 15. the chances of success are more around the 43% mark. then you are forced to try to draw high. The dealer gives you to upturned cards. but to beat the dealer. Now. and hold hold on all 17's and higher. After applying a simple strategy. Speaking as a rule. and you had a total of 16. and you had a total of 12. Firstly though. if the dealers showing card was for example a Jack. remembering four decks of 52 cards is nearly impossible. and betting tactics. To put it as a rule. if the dealers showing card was a Deuce. never draw a card when you are high.

and the count is '+5' we know the cards left are all high and we can play accordingly. By this i mean. cards 6 or less receive '+1' and cards 7 to 9 receive '0'. you might bet higher as the probability of your success increases due to your account. it is basically just a very large table of numbers you have to remember. Deuce. So for example 3. cards 10 or higher receive '-1'. so when their are five cards left in the deck. Ace. this applies more and more accurately. its still not quite to my liking even with a complex count and all the rest of it. Now. Now. the only . Jack. Now as you would guess. Following these simple rules increase your success rate to roughly 43%. You get used to this count after a while. so here is how to perform a basic count. This is dont simply by betting according to the position in the shoe. so instead i will teach you a very simple method to betting which should be able to increase your probability of winning to around 52%. As the shoe is emptied. lets think of what games start with a reasonably high probability of winning. Although i dont mind a bit of Blackjack every once and a while. and it becomes nearly a sixth sense. 'grade' the cards. i wouldnt be a fan of Casino's period if im not making money. Apart from Casino Wars which is only played in large Casino's. which is starting to get quite reasonable. but never when the dealer is high. Although i still like to play against friends and pilfer their pockets dry. 43% still isnt nearly enough to satisfy me.be taken when the dealer is low. So for example in the first half of the deck you would bet low as you have very little chance of guessing the cards. This means that the probability of a high card appearing is greater than that of a low card. This increases your probability to 48%. but however in the last quarter of the shoe.5. nine would be a count of '+1'. although i could explain the idea of a complex count here. As the cards a dealt out to however many players are on the table. So. Now as the cards appear keep a total of them in your mind. and is someone past the scope of your average player.

for example $10. In my experiences. if you win. too rare to even consider. Here is a table to demonstrate this: Start with $500 Bet $10 Win Pot $510 Bet $10 Win Pot $520 Bet $10 Lose Pot $510 Bet $20 Lose Pot $490 . so the last two are the 0 and the 00. The basic method is this. For example. basically you bet on the outcome of where a ball will land. This is called the double bet method. if i had six games. you tell me that roullette is well and truly not in my favour. There are 38 possible results. The following methods require you to bet on whether the outcome of the ball will be either red or black. then how do you win at roullette? Well you dont actually win more times than you lose. and the table limit is high enough. just put down $10 again. I found it one weakend a while back and have never looked back. Although i havent looked specifically. If you have enough money. 18 being red. but however the table can be used with a possibility of winning of around 47%. double your bet. Now. if this is true. For those of you that dont know how roullette works. if you lose. These two results provide the Casino with their statistical favour of winning. but that only makes 36. and 18 being black. but i have not beaten the odds of winning. So. but you gain more than you lose. the problem with this is that everyone beleives they can be one of the few who manage to beat the statistics.one i can think of is roullette. and in ideal conditions can truly even be 100%. i have never seen this method printed anywhere to my knowledge. let me first explain the first simple method. Now. Start by placing down a bet. then i have gained more than i lost. it is very rare. two i won and gained $800. the following metthod sits around the 98% mark of success. So. you cannot lose. Let me just say. and the other four i lost $300.

making up for the $10 and $20 we have already lost.000. thats just stupid. with the maximum bet being around $10. if we take our highest streak of bad luck to be 8 with a minimum bet of $1. although less games are won than are lost. So. so we need ways to do this more comfortabely. So how is this possible? Well if you take $10.Bet $40 Lose Pot $450 Bet $80 Lose Pot $370 Bet $160 Win Pot $530 Bet $10 Lose Pot $520 Bet $20 Lose Pot $500 Bet $40 Lose Pot $460 Bet $80 Win Pot $540 Bet $10 Win End with $550 Games: 12 Wins: 5 Loses: 7 Profit: $50 As you can see.000 and have to go to a table with no limit. money is still made. lose it.000. with an average of around 5. if our initial bet was $10. as you lose you bet more and more. if we lose $20. then double your bet to $20. The . So.000 without going into the high rollers room. Now. In alot of the US Casinos ive seen. As you would think. the minimum limit of a table is around $1. that would mean we need $256 to sustaint he bad streak.000. The longest streak of bad wins ive seen was around 12 games in a row. we would at a maximum need to walk into a Casino with 2. this means that if you win you make up your initial bet and gain $10. we bet $40. That means. With a streak of 12 we would need $4096. and still making $10 if we win.

but here is basically what you do. when you loose your bets go double like this: Start Pot $500 Bet $2 Count 0 Win Pot $502 Bet $1 Count 1 Win Pot $503 Bet $1 Count 2 Win Pot $504 Bet $1 Count 3 Lose Pot $503 Bet $1 Count 2 Lose Pot $502 Bet $1 Count 1 Lose Pot $501 Bet $2 Count 0 Lose Pot $499 Bet $4 Count -1 Lose . Start a curve at 0. the curve becomes 1. so you bet $1. Now. Statistically speaking. Basically the money isnt made when you win. From this point. but the required money isnt as large anymore. bet the minimum multiplied by two. and you now half your bet. so your a bit safer. but when you lose. This may seem a bit strange. The next method is the Curve method. This method works on the theory that after a large ammount of games the number of wins to losses will start to even out back to the zero point. if you win. This strategy is called the Double bet method. This method also makes the most money.main issue is people will get worried that they will loose their money with a massive streak. and practically speaking this is normally always the case with enough games. and is pretty much for rich no-brainers. if you win. you keep your bet the same and just keep counting your position in the curve. so $2.

but ofcourse with minimum results. Being as skeptical of my method as i am.000 games. This is probably the safest approach of all. This allows you to extend your losing streaks far in excess of what you normally could.Pot $495 Bet $8 Count -2 Lose Pot $487 Bet $16 Count -3 Lose Pot $471 Bet $32 Count -4 win Pot $503 Bet $16 Count -3 Win Pot $511 Bet $8 Count -2 Win Pot $515 Bet $4 Count -1 Win End Pot $519 Games: 14 Wins: 7 Loses: 7 Profit: $19 As you can see. just follow it through for a while and youll get the idea. Personally im quite happy with that result as i beleive i should be. That is the Curve strategy. and found that the worst count i ever reached was -10 after around 100. the profit is made when the curve is returning back to zero in your favour. if not. The next method i produced being my usual paranoid self is called the Conservative method. Here is an example: Start pot $500 . i hope its clear enough to you. That would mean i would have needed would be $1024. except however you only start doubling your bet after the second loss. but i would have taken $4096 just to be sure although i probably wouldnt need it. i decided to run this through a few random computer simulations. This method is similar to the Double bet method. but money is made less.

If you lost. you would still double it to $200. The use of the conservative bets allows you to keep streaks running much longer on a table with a low maximum. and . What happens is that like the Conservative method. you would quarter the bet to $25. you quarter it. I name it the Conservative Curve. i prefer the following method as it maximises profit and security. and you won. the money is made when you win more than once in a row. except to show a few small examples. and like the Curve method you count your losses and adjust your betting accordingly.Bet $10 Win Pot $510 Bet $10 Lose Pot $500 Bet $10 Lose Pot $500 Bet $20 Lose Pot $480 Bet $40 Lose Pot $440 Bet $80 Lose Pot $360 Bet $160 Win Pot $520 Bet $10 Win End Pot $530 Games: 8 Wins: 3 Loses: 5 Profit: $30 As you can see. Profits from this strategy are quite low. If your minimum bet is $10. with a single addition. Although this method is quite good. with the added advantage that you make profit on the comebacks of your losses. I dont think its necessary to demonstrate this. What happens here is that you mix both the Conservative and Curve method as the name suggests. but definately worth the security. except that instead of halfing your bet after a win. This means that you still have the ability to run long streaks. you only start doubling your bets after the second loss. If you bet $100.

.you won at $10. and ive never seen any decent strategies to roullette before. however after two losses at the minimum bet you then start doubling it and following the curve till you reach your minimum bet again. and become proficient and happy with how to use it. By the way. I have personally tested these methods without a single large loss. you may be an exception. Run through the methods to see what is most suitable for you. so dont come crying to me if you lose all your cash. They may exist elsewhere but i dont know of them. so dont steal credit for them. these are my methods. I hope that wasnt too confusing for you. i didnt find them on the net or in books. but if you find any. please feel free to find my email and email me them. you still bet $10. but however.