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PeopleSoft Finance - CORE Tables for AP and GL

General Ledger Tables PS_LEDGER: The general ledger data table. PS_JRNL_HEADER: Stores general ledger journal header data. PS_JRNL_LN: Stores general ledger journal line data. ps_combo_rule_tbl: Stores ChartField combination rules. ps_combo_group_tbl: Stores ChartField combination groups. ps_combo_data_tbl: ChartField Combo data table. ps_bu_led_comb_tbl: Business Unit CharField Combos for Ledger. PS_GL_ACCOUNT_TBL: GL Accounts table. Accounts Payable/Voucher Tables PS_GRP_AP: Stores AP control groups. PS_VOUCHER: AP voucher header table. PS_VOUCHER_LINE: AP voucher line. PS_DISTRIB_LINE: Voucher distribution table. PS_PAYMENT_TBL: AP disbursements table. PS_PYMNT_VCHR_XREF: Voucher Scheduled Payment. PS_RT_RATE_TBL : Market Rate Data Tale. There is also the market rate default view RT_DFLT_VW. PS_VCHR_ACCTG_LINE: AP accounting entries. Voucher Build Staging Tables PS_VCHR_HDR_STG PS_VCHR_LINE_STG PS_VCHR_DIST_STG PS_VCHR_PYMT_STG Vendor Tables VENDOR: Stores vendor related information. VENDOR_ADDR: Vendor address related info. VENDOR_LOC: Vendor locations. VENDOR_PAY: Payment processing sepecifications such as payment method, payment handling code, bank code and so forth. VNDR_ADDR_SCROL: Index to address table. VNDR_CNTCT_SCR: Index to contact table. VNDR_LOC_SCROL: Index to location table. VENDOR_ID_NBRS: Additional ID numbers (Dun & Bradstreet numbers). VENDOR_ADDR_PHN: Vendor phone numbers. VENDOR_CNTCT: Vendor contacts. VENDOR_CONVER: Vendor converstaions. VENDOR_INVOICE: Stores vendor invoice related flags. VENDOR_TYPE: Vendor type codes. VNDR_BANK_ACCT: Vendor electronic payment information. VNDR_CNTCT_PHN: Vendor contact phone numbers. VNDR_IND_CLASS: Vendor Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes. VNDR_URL: Vendor website address.

. VENDOR_WTHD_JUR: Witholding type. VENDOR_WTHD: Witholding data.VNDR_VAT_RGSTRN: Vendor VAT information.