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The Mass Consumption Nutrition Manual
By Ben Pakulski Honors Kinesiology Degree, CSCS, ACE, MAT
Copyright 2011 Ben Pakulski Athletics and 2

Legal Disclaimer
The information presented in this work is by no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical counselling. The information should be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician. Consult your physician before beginning this program as you would with any exercise and nutrition program. If you choose not to obtain the consent of your physician and/or work with your physician throughout the duration of your time using the recommendations in the program, you are agreeing to accept full responsibility for your actions. By continuing with the program, you recognize that, despite all precautions on the part of Ben Pakulski Athletics, LLC, there are risks of injury or illness which can occur because of your use of the aforementioned information and you expressly assume such risks and waive, relinquish and release any claim which you may have against Ben Pakulski Athletics, LLC, or its affiliates as a result of any future physical injury or illness incurred in connection with, or as a result of, the use or misuse of the program.


Welcome to the Nutrition Manual for MI40.
Let’s cut straight through the BS. There are so many different approaches to diet out there that claim to do things like build crazy amounts of muscle in ludicrous amounts of time. If you have been around the fitness industry for any period of time, as I have, you have seen countless fads, trends, and schemes come and go, which have made HUGE promises and delivered nothing but huge asses! Pardon my French.

You’re all here because you want to learn the BEST FORMULA to build the GREATEST AMOUNT OF MUSCLE, in the shortest amount of time. Bottom line, right? The truth of the matter is that there are a FEW SCIENTIFIC PRINCPLES that have been proven to sustain CONTINUOUS muscle growth over the LONG TERM. Unfortunately, many people are so incredibly lost when it comes to nutrition. I am here to help you find your way.

This is NOT Rocket Science!


This is NOT rocket science; it just takes knowing a little bit about muscle physiology and exercise science: both of which you don’t care about. This is where I come in… The last 14 years of my life have been dedicated to building muscle and optimizing body composition.

The one INCREDIBLE thing you notice — the further up the food chain you go in the fitness world — is that it starts to weed out the CRAP.
The more intelligent people in the fitness and nutrition world all seem to abide by a small number of ESSENTIAL RULES. We KNOW what works and we do it. It’s NOT “gimmicky”; it’s NOT a fad; it’s Muscle Science.



It has been shown that consuming the proper nutrients. TIMING is extremely important when it comes to consuming nutrients around the workout. Learn the Principles behind each of these phases and you can precisely control your rate of muscle-building. and branch chain aminos IMMEDIATELY after a workout can increase your rate of protein synthesis by 300% 6 .benpakulski. I have identified the 3 basic “Phases” of diet that are the ONLY factors that need to be manipulated to build muscle and lose fat within a 24 hour period.Here it is… Three-Phase Nutrition (3-PN) What is 3-PN? 3-PN is a nutrition system that I have developed to simplify how you look at building muscle and losing fat. glutamine. The difference of an hour can mean a difference of a HUGE decrease in performance. cut back on your recovery time dramatically. When we as pro athletes are trying to get the ABSOLUTE MOST www. including carbohydrates. therefore. This is something that most pro athletes will tell you can make or break your success and achievement. This phase is based on “intra workout nutrition”: exactly what you should be consuming DURING your intense training sessions. Phase 1 The strategy behind P-1 is getting the absolute MOST out of your HARD WORK.

Take the time to learn what your body needs to get the results you’re after. Phase 2 The focus of phase 2 has two major components -1) Pre-Workout Nutrition 2) Post-Workout Nutrition (1-3 hrs after training) Pre-Workout: Fueling a workout is something with which a lot of people struggle. you will NEVER get the gains you’re after. This nutrition plan is here to help you find exactly that! All the details and calculations are below. Don’t be afraid to eat. and if you don’t replenish what your body needs.benpakulski. Low serotonin has been highly correlated to depression.out of our bodies. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. P-2 is designed around the most advanced scientific principles for optimizing hormone levels and maximizing growth. what do I do? www. You can work hard. Keep your carbohydrate intake low before workouts to ensure optimal growth hormone release AND increased serotonin levels (the “feel-good” hormone that allows us to enjoy our workouts and really leave the gym with that feeling of elation and accomplishment). we tend to notice the fine details. NO 7 . So let’s keep that serotonin flowing whenever we can! So.

digesting carbohydrates about 3 hrs prior to training. it is an ideal time to take these (there will be a list www. This allows enough time for the meal to leave your stomach and enter your muscles and tissues.benpakulski. Insulin is a storage hormone. FATS in P-2? It is best to avoid fats for 4 hrs before a workout and 2 hrs afterward. so it is not recommended (although it has been shown that fish oils. about 1 hour (or even 30 minutes) before your workout. P-2 is also a very good time to re-load on your water-soluble vitamins and antioxidants. can dramatically reduce inflammation –this would then become an individual decision based on necessity). Many of these are utilized during training. consume another serving of protein (at this point.The idea here is to eat a well-balanced meal of lean protein and slow. it’s Ok to have a shake OR an easily-digested form of protein like egg whites or white fish). at this point. You should consume a large serving of carbohydrates as well as a large serving of protein. Then. your body is PRIMED for absorbing nutrients. This means that ANYTHING present in the bloodstream has a much greater likelihood of being shuttled into the 8 . The reasoning for this is that you will be causing a substantial release of insulin toward the end of your workout by consuming high glycemic liquid carbohydrates. Having any amount of fat in your blood stream when insulin levels are elevated is likely to result in its being stored as fat! Post-Workout: Post-workout nutrition starts in Phase 1 and continues in phase 2. and because there is an enhanced uptake at this time. At this point. Phase 2 starts 1 hr after training is complete. Fats at this point will only slow the absorption of the other nutrients.

This is a very large percentage of your life and is a very important component to growth. If it happens to be protein. recovery. the first place your body will take proteins from is your 9 . If you don’t provide them in your dietary consumption. One of the most important things to note about nutrition itself (please read this carefully): Your body REQUIRES certain nutrients to complete its essential processes and continue its day-to-day function.benpakulski. Another very interesting thing to make note of: Digestion requires the presence of many vitamins. If you’re eating a lot of junk foods and processed foods that have NO essential vitamins and nutrients. and optimizing your hormone levels. minerals. enzymes. This basically means that you keep a steady flow of amino acids in your blood stream so that you can support the RE-building of your muscle tissue. BAD NEWS for those of us looking to build muscle. where do YOU think they come from? www.of suggested vitamins and nutrients just a little further into the manual. You’re almost there!) Phase 3: Phase 3 encompasses all the rest of your day: the time NOT based around your workout. your body WILL take them from wherever they happen to be stored in your body. Your first consideration is making sure you maintain “positive nitrogen balance”. and co-enzymes to break down and absorb the food you eat.

Carbohydrates come at the times when YOUR BODY NEEDS THEM. try to optimize your hormone levels. bone. keep inflammation down. www. liver. This could be the DEATH OF YOUR MUSCLE GAINS! He who uses carbohydrates BEST. wins! NOT he who uses the MOST carbohydrates! Fuel your body when it needs it and. The majority of your calories should be coming from proteins and fats. After years of studying every nutrition manual and textbook I could find. Those cells die or become oxidized: 10 . and heart cells included. I have come to a set of basic principles that I believe are optimal for function and muscle-building. the rest of the time.NEWSFLASH: your body takes them from your living cells. In P-3.benpakulski. and supply enough protein to build muscles. Keeping insulin levels extremely elevated will only reduce insulin sensitivity and increase inflammation over the long term. it is important to keep a steady flow of protein.

com 11 . 2) Cortisol is released in response to “injury” to muscle tissue.1) RECOVERY PHASE WHEN: It starts 30 minutes into your workout. you MUST make sure this phase is optimized. These are the 4 most important factors to manipulate. 1) Growth hormone is released in response to presence of lactic acid. but nothing fancy: As soon as you start exercising. A little science. This is THE most important period that exists in muscle-building. It ends 60 minutes after you finish training. your body starts changing its hormonal chemistry. If you want to BREAK THROUGH your muscle-building limits. www. in order to build muscle. 4) Testosterone is increased due to intense exercise (but falls shortly hereafter).benpakulski. 3) Serotonin is released in response to exercise.

Glutamine.benpakulski.What you NEED to KNOW about HORMONES: Lactic Acid This is generated from the anaerobic breakdown of carbohydrates from 12 .K. We all know the burning that exists in the muscle during intense training. Arginine). Lactic acid levels are directly proportional to level of Growth Hormone produced during exercise. and your body will start releasing growth hormone. isn’t it? How do we ensure maximum growth hormone? Maximum growth hormone requires the presence of particular amino acids. Lysine. The “burn” is a very good indicator that you’re working hard. Want to know more? KEEP READING! Question: But I’ve heard that I NEED carbohydrates to “fuel” my workouts? Answer: You have all the fuel you need already present in your muscles if you www. -. MORE LACTIC ACID = MORE GROWTH HORMONE MORE GROWTH HORMONE = MORE MUSCLE GROWTH & MORE FAT LOSS Good to know. It can also be optimized by MINIMIZING the presence of INSULIN! A.A. proteins (Leucine.NO carbohydrates.

MAXIMIZING GH production and release: 1) Keep insulin levels. Confused and just wanting to know what’s 13 . complete muscular exhaustion via NOS. Replenishing glycogen DURING and IMMEDIATELY AFTER training has been shown to increase glucose uptake by up to 300% compared to not taking advantage of the 3-hour window post-workout. LOW (under 10g) 2) BCAA (branch chain amino acids) MUST be present 3) Glutamine and Arginine play a vital role in GH release Key Take-Home Points on www. I will tell you EXACTLY what to eat and WHY it is best for building muscle. too. MI40 workouts are scientifically designed around the most optimal methods of increasing GH and IGF-1 levels (40-minute workouts. improve body composition. and therefore carbohydrates. The more intense the exercise. and optimal carb timing). the more GH that is released. It’s coming! :) Growth Hormone Optimizing growth hormone (GH) during exercise is ESSENTIAL to growing muscle. This is one of the main factors that makes MI40’s workout program so effective.benpakulski. I’ve been in your shoes. I can hear all the buzz now! Don’t worry.follow this plan precisely. as a result. Keeping your insulin levels low in the first half of the workout is a great way to optimize hormone levels and.

increase fat storage. The good news… Cortisol Blockers A few minor supplement additions to the pre-workout arsenal can drastically reduce serum cortisol levels -. Excessive amounts over any extended period will break down muscle and make you FAT. and impair mental function”. Ph. A normal level of cortisol in the body is necessary and healthy. he also notes that “excessive release of cortisol can suppress the immune system. before training. A simple blood test can give you the exact 14 . reduce inflammation. a scientific researcher and author. before bed Siberian Ginseng — 100-200 mg in the morning and before training Phosphotidylserine — 200 mg before training and before bed And THE MOST IMPORTANT CORTISOL BLOCKER to be used during training is www.Cortisol A “stress” hormone that is released by the adrenal glands in response to anything the body perceives as stressful. control sleep-wake cycles.D. and help recovery from acute stressors”. A really simple way to know if your cortisol levels are elevated is by where you store your fat.. Robert Kapolsky. explains how “the steroid hormone can boost blood sugar levels between meals. chances are very high that your cortisol levels are extremely elevated. however.NATURALLY!! Vitamin C — 1000 mg in the morning. If you store anything on your stomach.

AND you will never completely stop cortisol. Levels are influenced by things such as sunlight. and MORE muscle! Question: If carbohydrates stop cortisol. while low levels are associated with depression. The benefits of GH outweigh the detriments of cortisol. with minimal carbohydrates. I make a recommendation for exactly how much and what types of carbs are best just a few paragraphs down. Though many neurotransmitters work in harmony to influence mood. Serotonin High levels are associated with an elevated mood. Every single thing you do causes something else to happen in your body. You ALWAYS want to look at the BIG PICTURE.carbohydrates. www. The 3P-N approach to nutrition looks at EVERY single aspect of nutrition and how to optimize muscle gains. Eat a HIGH protein meal before you train. serotonin is most important. Woohoo! Less cortisol. less 15 . you will only control it.benpakulski. and exercise. When taken during exercise. they have been shown to DRAMATICALLY decrease overall cortisol production. why wouldn’t I take it at the beginning of exercise to stop it completely? Answer: Because doing so would all but halt the release of growth hormone. diet. View the body as a whole. This is the best way to FEEL GOOD during a workout and improve overall mood.

More testosterone = more muscle growth. This is why the MI40 workouts are all 40-minute training sessions. This has been shown to be correlated with low levels of serotonin and depression. I know. Testosterone Testosterone peaks after 15 minutes of training and falls off rapidly after 45 minutes. This is a LOT of information. Leucine) Saturated fats found in coconut oil are also a great way to support testosterone production. 16 . To increase testosterone naturally. and WHEN. in fact. reference the supplement guide included with your MI40 Ultimate Training Package. the more effective and focused your workouts are! There is plenty of research on this topic. I know it’s not directly related to muscle-building.benpakulski. For specifics on these and other supplement dosages and the best brands. as well as BCAA’s (most importantly. you must ensure that you are taking sufficient zinc and Omega-3 fish oils. but I would argue that the better your mood. It’s all summarized below with exact details on exactly WHAT you should be taking. Don’t worry. *Typical American Diets are overloaded with sugar and simple carbohydrates.

grab a pen and LISTEN UP: Your Anabolic Number = Lean Bodyweight x 0.33 Workout carb requirement: Your “anabolic number” — (G) If you don’t know your lean bodyweight. The idea here is to take time to establish the EXACT minimum requirements to meet your body’s needs on a workout-to-workout 17 .Your MAGIC “Anabolic Number” The number one MOST IMPORTANT factor contributing to growth: P1-Formula Determining YOUR “anabolic number” — (G) This formula is designed around taking the time to ensure that your body is getting everything it needs to recover from the overload of weight training and daily stress which you subject it to. during MI40. it is simply: BODYWEIGHT (lbs) x (%) BF = BF in lbs BODYWEIGHT (lbs) – BF (lbs) = Lean Body Weight (LBW) (lbs) www. so does the P-1 phase. If you’re ready to build some muscle. As the recovery process begins DURING the workout.

and half post. Split BCAA and Glutamine into 2 equal servings.If you don’t know your body fat.workout. www. Divide (G) by 2 to get your BCAA and Glutamine amount in grams. Post-workout Window -.benpakulski. half 18 . We now use this number [(G) OR (FL)] as our baseline number. Lean Bodyweight x 0.Protein Requirement Multiply (G) x 2 for your post-workout protein requirement.33 = Liquid carb requirement for growth (G). use these pictures as your guide to help you estimate: 15% 12% 8% 25% 20% 15% Lean Bodyweight x 0.3/2= Liquid Carb requirement for fat loss (FL).

benpakulski. and one serving postworkout.3 = 51 grams of carbs to be consumed *around workout. each divided into two servings. 153 pounds lean (170 x 0.10 = 153).So.5g per serving) Pretty simple. therefore. with a high glycemic index. 3) He should consume 25g of BCAA and 25g of Glutamine. He is aiming to gain muscle. www. (12. here it is in action… EXAMPLE MI40 Massive Muscle Builder #1 weighs 170 lbs and is 10% body 19 . it will be very important all through your program. ***REMEMBER your “anabolic number” — (G). His calculation looks like this: 153 x 0. right? Take the time to calculate YOUR ‘P1’ values NOW! Do not waste another minute in the gym if you’re not supporting the recovery process. 1) He would ideally use a liquid carb. One serving pre-workout. 2) He should aim to consume 102g of protein in the 3-hour “POST WORKOUT Window”: — 51 grams of Whey Protein Isolate Immediately After Workout — 51 grams from a lean protein food source within 2 hrs thereafter.

begin MI40 Muscle Martini (space it out over 10-15 mins) 4) Post-workout Whey Protein Isolate Shake www.benpakulski. Blend.1 Pre-workout Cocktail + BCAA/Glutamine (your number) 2) Start Workout 3) 30 minutes later (middle/end of workout).PRINT THIS PAGE: MI40 MUSCLE MARTINI Ingredients: High Glycemic Carb Powder (Vitargo) — your number (G) or (FL) BCAA Glutamine 1g Vitamin ‘C’ Powder Combine all ingredients in a blender with 2 cups of water and 1 cup ice. YOUR NUTRIENT TIMING SCHEDULE in P-1 1) 15 minutes pre-workout -. FOLLOW THIS EXACT 20 .

So. and a 300-lb individual on the high end.benpakulski. 3-billion-cell Probiotics. None of these supplements are considered toxic or dangerous in the prescribed range. This might take a little math. They are recommended to accelerate overall growth and recovery. 3g Arginine. but don’t overthink it.*PRE-WORKOUT “COCKTAIL” The range of dosages are made to equate to a 100-lb individual on the low end. find YOUR place on the nutrient continuum. Zinc: Acetyl L-Carnitine: Live Cell Probiotic: Arginine: Beta Alanine: 10-30mg 1000-3000mg 3 billion-10 billion active cells 3-10g 1-4g Optional Cortisol-Blocking Supplements: Siberian Ginseng Phosphotidylserine EXAMPLE – 120-lb woman would choose the low end of the range with 10mg zinc. This information will appear again in your MI40 supplement guide. 1000mg Carnitine. and 1g Beta 21 . *These items are considered NON-essential to this program. A little variance in either direction will cancel out long-term. www.

benpakulski. the liquid carbohydrate is not necessary. Let us first examine the PRE-WORKOUT 22 . The goal of this phase is to FUEL your workouts and support the recovery process. but the proteins and amino acids ARE! Divide the BCAA and glutamine into 4 doses to be taken between meals for best absorption. www. You want to make sure your body is JUST RIGHT to allow growth to occur. Fitness professionals have made such a big deal about the “Post-Workout Window of Opportunity” that many people think they can neglect what they do before a workout. or anytime you crave a snack. P-2 PRIMER WINDOW WHEN: This phase begins 2 hours prior to training. and ends 3 hrs after training. Protein shakes can be taken anytime throughout the day – the middle of the night is a good option.Question: What do I do on days that I don’t go to the gym? Answer: On non-training days.

and I know this sounds different. ► Ensure there are NO FATS in the food you eat. and white fish are all good choices. There is also an “acceptable food” list attached in this Nutrition Manual. ► Plenty of vitamins and minerals in the bloodstream. I know this sounds like a lot to have to worry about. A moderate serving of carbohydrates that will be completely absorbed is ideal for this meal. Depending on your metabolism. ► Consume your last carbohydrate meal a minimum of 2 hrs prior to training. this food should be into your muscles by the time you’re in the gym.I am here to make this QUICK and SIMPLE. Meal: PROTEIN+CARBS This meal should be a quickly-digesting protein source that is low in fat: chicken. you want to use this meal to consume a large serving of protein and 23 . Stay with me and don’t worry…I’ve got you covered! EAT 3 hours prior to training For someone looking to gain muscle. What you want to accomplish: ► Make sure your body has an excess of amino acids from protein. turkey. www.benpakulski. Oatmeal and sweet potato are good choices here. ► Improve peripheral blood flow and mental focus.

fish and lobster DON’T EAT FATS (before training) Minimize fat consumption for at least 3 hrs prior to training. Insulin is a storage hormone.chicken and shrimp . They will certainly be lingering around at the end of your workout when you are consuming high glycemic carbs to stimulate insulin. this allows for greater absorption of the protein and less likelihood of lacking any of the essential amino 24 .KEY POINTS: DO: MIX PROTEINS Whenever possible.chicken and egg whites . www. Fats take a long time to digest.benpakulski. consume more than one protein source at a meal. Some examples are: Mixing .

benpakulski. you have already calculated your “anabolic number” (G) and you know to consume that number in form of supplemental whey isolate immediately following your workout (stated on your workout schedule printable page). What now? It is absolutely imperative that you eat again within 2 hrs of training. this means about 8oz (220 grams) of protein and 8oz (220 grams) of 25 . In real life terms. so take advantage of it! IF YOU WANT TO GROW…UTILIZE THIS: 1:1 Ratio of Protein to Carbohydrates The amount of protein and carbohydrates in this post-workout meal is again exactly the number you calculated in P-1. Your body has a drastically-improved ability to utilize nutrients during the 3 hours after any type of intense training. Going back to the example calculation we used above.FATS + HIGH GLYCEMIC CARBS = INSTANT FAT STORAGE Your POST-WORKOUT Meal Plan By now. This meal should consist of your largest daily amount of carbohydrates and an equal amount of protein. 170-lb Muscle Builder #1 (G)=51 He will then consume 50+ grams of protein and 50+ grams of carbs. www. Your “anabolic number” – (G).

with 100 lb at the low 26 . Recommended for Optimal Performance and Recovery: Leucine: Vitamin C: Magnesium: Glycine: High-Potency Multi-Vitamin 1-3 grams 500 mg-1 gram 200-400 mgs 1-3 grams Recommended for overall health and wellbeing: Chromium Polynicotinate: Resveratrol: CoQ10: R-Alpha Lipoic Acid(ALA): 100-200 mcg 20-100 mg 50-100 mg 100-300 mg *Remember. that’s the only way you’ll become familiar with the conversions. and 300 lb at the high end. I will provide a range based on bodyweight. www. if you don’t write all these down now.Buy yourself a food scale. Use some simple math to determine where you fall into this range. The PERFECT Post Workout Supplement Stack As was the case with the pre-workout supplement recommendations. you can also find them in your MI40 supplement guide.benpakulski.

The main focus is to support growth and recovery by ensuring a constant flow of nutrients… THE RIGHT NUTRIENTS! NOT ALL CALORIES ARE CREATED EQUAL In their quest to build muscle quickly.I.S. Carbs cause your body to release certain hormones. www. many people are misguided by the idea that a calorie is a calorie. or you’re dying” This phase encompasses ALL of the rest of your day. Every single thing you eat dictates your hormonal state. and so do fats. This could not be further from the truth. Method -Keep It Super Simple! If you want to maintain a constant anabolic state in your body. and others.P-3 HORMONAL CONTROL “You’re either growing. foods still affect us all. “Genetics” just gives some people a greater margin for 27 . muscular. in the same way. The harder you train.S.benpakulski. I Endorse The K. you must maintain a steady flow of protein and amino acids. Proteins cause your body to release certain hormones. Manipulating the TIMNG of these HORMONES is what makes some people fat. That’s a no-brainer. but at the end of the day. the more your body’s need for protein increases.

If you have ANY INTEREST in BUILDING MUSCLE. Let me tell you a well-known FACT: If your body isn’t using your consumed carbohydrates efficiently. but you will get FAT. fast! Optimizing the way your body utilizes sugar: Consuming the RIGHT carbohydrates. www. Low-Glycemic Carbohydrates are broken down slowly in the 28 . PAY ATTENTION TO THIS…. at the right time.Whenever possible. so beware of fried foods and things that contain pesticides. Eating ‘organic’ is best. it is broken down in the stomach into glucose to be used in the body. they cause a less drastic release of insulin. you want to avoid stress and stress hormones. The term you may hear thrown around is “insulin resistance” or “insulin sensitivity”. When you eat foods containing carbohydrates.benpakulski. THE NEXT MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR TO MAXIMIZE GROWTH: The efficacy with which your body uses sugar might be one of THE MOST OVERLOOKED factors in muscle building. is the best way to ensure you’re on the FAST TRACK to building muscle. Once glucose reaches the bloodstream. Stress hormones may come as a result of poor dietary choices. not only will you not build muscle. the pancreas releases insulin to shuttle this into the cells. High-Glycemic Carbohydrates are broken down very quickly and cause a rapid release of insulin. therefore.

Have you ever had a large meal or something very sugary only to feel that crash an hour later? This is your body over-compensating to a spike in blood sugar with too much insulin. causing “Hypoglycemia”. The AMOUNT of insulin present in the blood is a very important factor in determining glucose utilization and fat storage rate.benpakulski. Let’s say that I have a higher rate of insulin resistance (perhaps due to bad dietary choices. My body releases the necessary insulin to store the glucose in the blood. Insulin resistance can be your worst enemy! Sounds pretty bad. yet we require a different amount of insulin to be released from the pancreas to store the glucose in our cells! Yup! Listen up and read the next two paragraphs VERY closely…. but the cells are 29 . or bad dietary habits in youth). High levels of insulin are BAD NEWS. or high stress.HERE IS WHERE WE ALL DIFFER… You and I can consume the exact same amount of carbohydrates. My body will continue to sense the elevated blood glucose and continue to release MORE INSULIN until blood glucose has normalized. right? IT IS! The good news is we can fix it. www.

the worse you use sugar for the rest of the day! By simply eating a protein and fat-based breakfast.3 Ways to OVERCOME INSULIN RESISTANCE 1) Exercise. The more carbohydrates.benpakulski. Often! Short. You will IMMEDIATELY notice more www. or any other time you anticipate large carbohydrate consumption. MI40 QUICK NOTE: *Eating carbohydrates at your first meal of the day has been shown to decrease the efficacy with which your body uses sugar for the remainder of the day. SUPPLEMENTS FOR INSULIN RESISTANCE Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) Chromium Polynicotinate Cinnamon Extract Fish Oil Banana Leaf Extract Fenugreek *see supplement guide for dosages These supplements are best taken first thing in the morning as well as post workout. 2) Eat less sugar! Eat less carbohydrates in general. unless you’re going to use them. intense sessions are the only way to improve insulin resistance. you can help to stabilize your blood sugar levels throughout the entire 30 . 3) Supplement! The right supplements can do wonders for improving glucose utilization.

The key to success in any muscle-building program is to follow a plan. fries and coke Pizza PB and Jelly sandwiches Donuts Cheesecake I want to make it clear that these are not necessarily things you need to avoid altogether.stable energy levels.benpakulski. however. less peaks and valleys. Some examples of BAD food choices to eat on a daily basis if you’re looking to optimize body composition: BAD food choices Pasta and meatballs Cakes Candy Hamburger. and you won’t need any stimulants to wake you up. www. These foods do have a place if the goal is to refuel and stimulate the metabolism. no mid-afternoon crash. This. These foods might be a great idea on a day that you have chosen to refuel or “cheat”. is not something that you should do on a regular 31 . 32 .YOUR DAILY EATING SCHEDULE If You WorkOut In The Afternoon AFTERNOON WORKOUT Meal 1 Meal 2 Meal 3 *Meal 4 Protein + Fats + Veggies Protein + Carbs (3 hours pre workout) Protein + Carbs (30 minutes pre workout) Protein + Veggies DURING Workout -. OR a regular meal www.Muscle Martini POST Workout (Immediately after) Whey Protein Isolate (see ‘G’ for amount) Meal 5 Meal 6 Before Bed (within 2 hrs of training) Protein + Carbs Protein + Fats + Veggies Protein Shake + Fats *Meal 4 can be a shake.

Muscle Martini POST Workout (Immediately after) Whey Protein Isolate (see ‘G’ for amount) Meal 2 Meal 3 Meal 4 Meal 5 Meal 6 Before Bed Protein + Carbs Protein + Carbs + Veggies Shake Protein + Carbs + Veggies Protein + Fats + Veggies Protein Shake + Fats www. fats in Meal 1 are completely acceptable. whether by choice or necessity. See how you feel. this is ideal.benpakulski. If you are hungry or lack energy in the morning. Morning workout Meal 1 Protein + Veggies (+ fats optional) Assuming the WORKOUT falls here DURING Workout -.YOUR DAILY EATING SCHEDULE If You WorkOut In The Morning For someone who works out in the morning. If you have enough energy to train on protein and 33 . THIS might be the ONLY time that I would consider putting in FATS BEFORE training.

com 34 .benpakulski.Muscle Martini POST Workout (Immediately after) Whey Protein Isolate (see ‘G’ for amount) Meal 6 Before Bed Protein + Fats + Veggies Protein Shake + Fats www.YOUR DAILY EATING SCHEDULE If You WorkOut In The Evening Evening workout Meal 1 Meal 2 Meal 3 Meal 4 Meal 5 Protein + Fats + Veggies Protein + Carbs Protein + Carbs + Veggies Protein + Carb + Veggies Shake (choose one of the low-carb versions from the MI40 shake menu) Assuming the WORKOUT falls here DURING Workout -.

benpakulski. To avoid any likelihood of increasing fat storage. it is necessary to avoid this combination.YOUR DAILY EATING SCHEDULE On Non-Training Days On Non-Training Days Meal 1 Meal 2 Meal 3 Meal 4 Meal 5 Meal 6 Before Bed Protein + Fats + Veggies Protein + Carbs Protein + Carbs + Veggies Protein Shake Protein Shake + Carb + Veggies Protein + Fats + Veggies Protein Shake + Fats Take note: There is NO nutrient combining of carbohydrates and fats at any 35 . www.

multiply your LBW x 15 Guys wanting to GAIN as much muscle as possible or guys with really fast metabolisms. www. yet accurate way to determine your daily caloric requirement is to first calculate or test your body fat level to determine lean muscle mass weight. multiply your LBW x 20 This is the number of CALORIES you should be consuming on a daily basis to GAIN Muscle! Let’s show you how this works… Massive Muscle Builder #1 is 170 lbs and 10% bf. His LBW (Lean Body Weight) is 153 lbs.” Basically. to get your daily caloric requirement for MI40. this means the number which you will now multiply your LBW 36 . BODYWEIGHT(lbs) x (%) BF = BF in lbs BODYWEIGHT(lbs) – BF(lbs) = Lean Body Weight (LBW) in lbs Now. for you math geeks out there. multiply your LBW x 12 GUYS: Guys wanting to GAIN muscle mass and maintain or lose body fat. LADIES: For ladies wanting to GAIN muscle and maintain or lose body fat. the number we will be using now is called the “coefficient.CALCULATING YOUR OWN CALORIES The most simple.

5 = Carbohydrate calorie requirement “Total-Cals” x 0.nutrient split NON-TRAINING DAYS FOLLOW a 50% protein/25% carbs/25% fat .com 37 .50 = Protein calorie requirement “Total-Cals” x 0. we know that MMB #1 needs to consume 3060 calories/day during his MI40 Hypertrophy Program.2 = Fat calorie requirement NON-TRAINING DAYS “Total-Cals” x 0. Since you have already calculated your TOTAL DAILY CALORIC REQUIREMENT (“Total-Cals”). TRAINING DAYS “Total-Cals” x 0. so he chooses to multiply his LBW x 20. based on the MI40 protocol and 3-PN.25 = Fat calorie requirement www. it is now as simple as using your trusty calculator to crunch some numbers.25 = Carbohydrate calorie requirement “Total-Cals” x 0. carbs. TRAINING DAYS FOLLOW a 30% protein/50% carbs/20% fat .benpakulski.He decides he has a pretty fast metabolism and wants to gain as much weight as he can. and fats you are going to be eating daily.nutrient split This next part is going to require your full attention: Here are the calculations showing how you arrive at exactly how many grams of protein.3 = Protein calorie requirement “Total-Cals” x 0. LBW(153) x 20 = 3060 Therefore.

benpakulski. Then. let get started on the next page. it is important to know that: 1) Each GRAM of Protein has 4 CALORIES 2) Each GRAM of Carbs has 4 CALORIES 3) Each GRAM of Fat has 9 CALORIES NOW. by 4.. by 9. divide the Carbohydrate Calorie Requirement you just calculated. divide the Fat Calorie Requirement you just calculated. I will show you this exact formula put into action: Massive Muscle Builder #1 has a daily CALORIE requirement of 3060. to get the total number of GRAMS of CARBS you need daily. To get TOTAL GRAMS you need to consume from Protein. www. to get the total number of GRAMS of FATS you need daily. and Fats. divide the Protein Calorie Requirement you just calculated. Now. Carbohydrates. by 4. Then. (I will do all the calculations in BLUE) Therefore. to get the total number of GRAMS of PROTEIN you need daily.This will give you the TOTAL CALORIES you need to consume from each of Protein. and Fats. 38 .

you’re with me so far! www.2 = Fat calorie requirement 3060 x 0.5 = Carbohydrate calorie requirement 3060 x 0.30 = 918 (calories from fat) Hopefully.25 = Fat calorie requirement 3060 x 0.50 = 1530 ( calories from protein) “Total-Cals” x 0.20 = 612 (calories from carbs) “Total-Cals” x 39 .5 = 1530 (calories from carbs) “Total-Cals” x 0.3 = Protein calorie requirement 3060 x 0.2 = 612 (calories from fats) NON-TRAINING DAYS “Total-Cals” x 0.3 = 918 (calories from protein) “Total-Cals” x 0.50 = Protein calorie requirement 3060 x 0.TRAINING DAYS “Total-Cals” x 0.25 = Carbohydrate calorie requirement 3060 x 0.

5 grams of protein 612/4 = 153. Carbs.0 grams of carbs 918/9 = 102. simply divide the numbers you just calculated above.Next.5 grams of carbs 612/9 = 68. and Fats which someone with 153 lbs of lean muscle mass would consume in MI40.5 grams of protein 1530/4 = 382.0 grams of fat NON-TRAINING DAYS 1530/4 = 40 . www.0grams of fat There you have the total number of GRAMS of each of Protein. by: 4 for protein 4 for carbs 9 for fats TRAINING DAYS 918/4 = 229.benpakulski.

This helps optimize digestion and absorption and prevents food allergies. From this 41 .TOP 40 MASS CONSTRUCTIONS FOODS Protein 101 MI40 participants will have a GREATLY increased demand for nutrients. RIGHT? Make sure you’re getting 1g/lb of lean muscle mass MINIMUM if you’re looking to GAIN MUSCLE.5g/lb lean bodyweight.benpakulski. INCREASE YOUR PROTEIN INTAKE to 1. SIMPLE MATH. *IF ITS TAKING YOU LONGER THAN 3 DAYS to FULLY RECOVERY. Your body’s need for protein is completely dependant on your activity level. The protein choices listed here are to be rotated on a daily basis. Ideally you are consuming 5-6 DIFFERENT sources of protein each day. the more protein your body needs to recover. especially protein. The harder and more often you train. www. see how your body feels and assess your recovery.

incredibleegg.benpakulski. Watch out. Similar to beef. The benefit of Bison is that the diet of these animals is almost always more natural and grass fed. muscle building-creatine. not all whey proteins are created equal. known for its tryptophan content-that sleep inducing amino acid we encounter around Thanksgiving dinner. in Fats section) Loaded with naturally occurring. A source of protein. 42 2) Lean Beef 3) Bison 4) 5) 6) Chicken Turkey Whole eggs 7) Egg whites 8) Whey protein Cottage cheese 9) 10) Casein www. Similar protein to cottage cheese. slow absorbing. (http://www. A great lean source of protein. Less additives and fewer . high bio-availability (your body can use a large percentage of it).org/health-and-nutrition/ egg-nutrients) When pasteurized. fats and cholesterol. Lean Turkey. High lactose content. A good way to add a slow digesting protein to your diet. A great source of slow digesting protein. a quick and easy add-in to protein shakes or any food to increase the protein content with no addition fat or carbohydratess. Fast absorbing. Choose lean sources only.Best MI40 Protein sources 1) Fish Most types of fish and shellfish are excellent lean sources of protein. Some fish also carry the added benefit of containing omega 3 fats (see Fish Oil. Use the ones I recommend in the supplement guide. As well as many vitamins. Great addition to your arsenal.

at the right time. Whenever we increase insulin levels. This process is always ongoing in the body. Insulin is the body’s “storage hormone”.com 43 . In MI40. Some amino acids are called “essential” amino acids. it is broken down into amino acids that are small enough to cross the intestinal walls and enter our bloodstream. we use this fact to our advantage by stimulating the natural release of insulin post workout to kick-start the recovery process and blunt any natural muscle breakdown that occurs while exercising. Carbohydratess are also a very beneficial tool when used in the right way. the body stores what is present in the blood stream. Eating just a few sources of protein will almost ensure that you are not synthesizing protein at an optimal rate.benpakulski. Most of the carbohydrates consumed in MI40 are consumed during the 4-hour window around the workout. Complex Carbohydrates 101 MI40 views carbohydratess as a tool. Beyond this. This essential tool is used strategically to stimulate the natural release of insulin. When we consume dietary protein. Amino acids are taken from the bloodstream to be used in the formation of new cells.THE GEEK SCIENCE: Amino Acids make up the “building blocks” of proteins. This is why it is absolutely necessary to vary your protein sources. can be synthesized in the body. This simply means that the body cannot naturally produce these and they must be obtained through the diet. all 21 amino acids must be present in the bloodstream. Non-essential. For this process to occur most effectively. low glycemic carbohydrates are used to aid in recovery and to maintain the fuel to grow! www. thereby your recovery will suffer.

These Oats also have a lower glycemic index than regular oats causing a lower spike in insulin levels. Potatoes are high in vitamin B6 which is essential for the formation of new cells in the body. 2) 3) 4) White Rice Quinoa Steel Cut Oats Sweet Potato Potato 5) 6) 7) Lentils 8) Kidney or Like lentils. Their high fiber content prevents blood sugar levels from rising rapidly after a meal. They too increase your energy by replenishing your iron stores. Contains Lysine. this carbohydrate also offers great anti-inflammatory benefits. Another ingredient is gamma-oryzanol which is an antioxidant that strengthens muscles and converts fat into lean body mass. Gluten-Free Cereals 9) 10) Gluten-Free Breads www.benpakulski. Kidney beans have a high fiber content which Black Beans prevents blood sugar levels from rising rapidly after a 44 . the amino acid needed for tissue growth and repair. This is crucial for amino acids (building blocks of protein) in their synthesis. Packed with protein and fiber. A great source of protein. Rich in beta carotene and fiber. They provide slow burning complex carbohydrates as well as increase your energy by replenishing your iron stores. It also contains CoQ10 which burns fat into energy helping you lose weight and protect your heart.Best MI40 Complex Carbohydrate Sources 1) Brown Rice High in dietary fiber. Great source of fiber and calcium. Provides fast and instant energy.

Possess whole body antioxidant protection and helps maintain a steady blood pressure. like Broccoli. Possess strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients. Pomegranates are filled with antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties. Cleanses and detoxifies the liver.Fruits & Veggies 1) 2) Broccoli Spinach High in Calcium. Contains phytonutrients that disarm free radicals before they can cause damage to DNA. Its phytonutrient content is off the charts with more than a dozen different flavonoid compounds which function as antiinflammatory and anti-cancer agents. Lemons have an alkalizing effect once they enter the body. It aids in supporting our digestive health. 45 3) Asparagus 4) Kale 5) 6) *Garlic Raspberries 7) 8) 9) Pomegranate Blueberries Strawberries 10) *Lemons www. Improves absorption of minerals as well as promotes weight loss. Asparagus is also a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.benpakulski. Their Vitamin C content significantly increases absorption. King of detox. Loaded with antioxidant properties. Contains the nutrient inulin. Kale. These also provide antioxidant benefits as well. a carbohydrate which healthcare practitioners refer to as a prebiotic. Contains Allicin which is anti-viral. anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal. is also high in Calcium. raspberries are also filled with Vitamin C and Manganese which are critical in protecting the body’s tissue from oxygen-related .

Once these sugars enter the blood 46 . These names give you an indication of exactly how long the “carbohydrate chain” is.means two. or glucose(sugars most simple form).benpakulski. all carbohydrates are equal. and monosaccharides. You can control the rate at which you allow your body to receive carbohydrates or sugar. they can only be in the form of glycogen. Knowing what type of carbohydrate is a good starting point in basic nutrition. Mono-means one. Poly. Therefore many parts to this chain. Di. disaccharides. and exactly how long it might take to breakdown before it enters the bloodstream.THE GEEK SCIENCE: Carbohydrates are broken down in Polysaccharides. and take longer to enter the blood stream. It will take longer to break down and enter the blood.means many. All of the below complex carbohydrates are polysaccharides. www.

com 47 . Most of the press is given to Omega 3 fatty acids because of their direct correlation with decreasing inflammation and heart disease. They help to lubricate cells and keep the brain and nervous system functioning optimally. hair/skin/nails production and maintenance. Fats are nutrient dense and are higher in calories per gram (9 cals/gram) than Protein and carbs (4 cals/gram). It is necessary to maintain a balance of Omega 3. www. Fats have received a LOT of unnecessary bad press in recent years. Mono-unsaturated and and poly-unsaturated. So rotate your fat sources often. Each of which has an essential role or function in the body. Essential for muscle function. THE GEEK SCIENCE: Comprised of Saturated. 6 and 9 for optimal health.benpakulski.FATS Fats are the building blocks of many hormones in the body.

B vitamins. and antioxidants such as Vitamin E. Essential for testosterone production.polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) that are not only beneficial for health but are essential in the diet. Distinct fruits with high fat content and calories. rich source of energy and contain many health benefiting nutrients. A great fat source. they are amongst the most popular fruits having nutrition profile similar to that of some edible nuts and seeds. Loaded with vitamin E and magnesium. Omega 3 is the name of a type of fat that is found in oil-rich fish and some plant oils and is also known as ‘n-3‘. Subtly flavorful yet buttery.benpakulski. High ratio of monounsaturated fats to saturated. Great for cooking. Do not heat! 2) 3) 4) Almonds Brazil nuts Avocado 5) 6) 7) Coconut Oil Olive Oil Fish Oil 8) 9) Walnut Oil Macadamia Nut Oil Loaded in B vitamins and manganese. antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for optimum health. minerals. 10) Flax Oil www. Ideal or cooking. magnesium. A saturated fat. Use less often for cooking. Packed with selenium.BEST MI40 FAT SOURCES 1) Walnuts Walnuts are one of the best plant sources of protein. Great source of Plant based omega 3. with many health benefits. They are from the family of ‘good’ fats . They are rich in 48 .

5 77:0 69:0 61:1 8:1 8:1 43:0 33:0 0:42 54:0 21:0 11:1 11:0 0:0 0:0 0:0 0:0 0:0 4:1 Remarks Canola Oil Flax Seed Oil Safflower Oil Sunflower Oil Corn Oil Olive Oil Soyabean Oil Sesame Oil Peanut Oil Salmon Fat Cotton Seed Oil Chicken Fat Palm Oil Pork Fat Beef Tallow Cocoa Butter Butter Cheese HydrogenatedVegetable Oil Coconut Oil 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 15 18 24 27 32 40 41 47 64 69 70 76 92 61 18 13 20 25 77 25 42 49 34 19 47 48 48 53 36 31 30 19 6 Recommended Recommended Somewhat Recommended Somewhat Recommended Somewhat Recommended Recommended Somewhat Recommended Recommended Not Recommended Recommended Somewhat Recommended Somewhat Recommended Somewhat Recommended Not Recommended Not Recommended Not Recommended Not Recommended Not Recommended Not Recommended Recommended SFA = Saturated Fatty Acid MUFA = Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Acid PUFA = Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acid www.6 10 57 0 0 1 1 7 0 0 42 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.benpakulski.4 2:1 1:3.FAT CHART Item SFA% MUFA% PUFA% PUFA% OMEGA OMEGA OMEGA 6 to 3 ratio 3 6 21 16 77 69 61 8 53 43 33 0 54 21 11 11 0 0 0 0 0 49 .

How Many Calories Do I Start With? The best place to start this program is by calculating your “anabolic number” -.benpakulski. TRAINING DAYS FOLLOW a 30% protein/50% carbs/20% fat . the calorie calculator is: LEAN BODYWEIGHT x 15 = daily caloric 50 .nutrient split NON-TRAINING DAYS FOLLOW a 50% protein/20% carbs/30% fat . You increase the amount of carbohydrates you consume AROUND YOUR WORKOUT! This is something that you make a decision to do.nutrient split See “Calculating Your Calories” How Do I Progress? Caloric Progression is to take place in P-2 ONLY. and use them as your baseline from which to grow. yet scientific in its nature.Frequently Asked Questions How is 3-PN different? 3-PN is simple in its approach.(G) (see P-1) -. There is no real factor or www. You will find no more effective approach to nutrition anywhere. Your STRICT adherence to this program is the only factor affecting your growth and progress.and then calculating your total daily caloric requirement. If you are adhering strictly to the MI40 training schedule. Take time to figure out your calculations. and DO.

If you feel as if you’re working extra hard. Eating carbohydrates late will only make you fat if it is in excess. What beverages can I drink? Anything calorie-free is acceptable. and get to work! After that. or you feel as if you’re tired. Other than that: water. Keep everything else in order. but if you can’t cut them out. everything else is the same. Reference the sample diet above. Alcohol is not recommended. The number of carbohydrates you consume in P-1 will go up as your bodyweight increases. What if I train first thing in the morning? Eat one NON-carb meal. that may be a good time to increase your calories. the moderation is key! The occasional fruit juice is fine. What if I train late in the day? Don’t worry about it. but if you must. Reference the sample diet above. water! www. limit consumption to 6/week.indicator as to when to increase 51 . I NEVER encourage or condone the regular use of “sugar-free” products or drinks.benpakulski. Reference the diet plan above. water. Keep on the same schedule that is provided for you and adjust it so that your post-workout meal is after training.

and dairy. or digestive 52 . Example: My “G” value is 50. This should do the trick. What if I’m not growing? Increase your nutrients in P-1 and P-2. first.What if I don’t have an appetite? Try taking Betaine Hydrochloride with meals. What if I’m gaining too much fat? Either you’re not training hard enough. Short duration -. or at night before your last meal of the day.benpakulski. Another reason for lacking appetite can be food sensitivities. Try eliminating common allergens like wheat (gluten). so I am consuming 50g of carbohydrates during www. This can cause bloating and inflammation of the stomach and intestinal wall. Start with 3 sessions/week on a stepmill or inclined treadmill. This will help to make sure you are breaking down the foods you’re already eating. or your body simply isn’t using sugar very well (see controlling insulin resistance). Refer to the Cardio Protocol outlined in the printable workout sheets. Many people lose appetite because the food they eat sits in their stomachs. increase to 4 times/week. It might be time to start a little High-Intensity Cardiovascular Training (HICT). This is best done first thing in the morning. Start with 25% increase in both P1 and P2. More carbohydrates during your workout will start pushing that anabolic window to its maximum potential.20 minutes to start. If your fat continues to go up after one week.

what you put in. A 25% increase means that I eat 12. This is necessary to support all the growth processes.5g more at EACH of these two times. It all depends on YOU. You will get out. Put the system to the test. How much should I expect to gain each month? I have had test subjects gain up to 19 pounds in 40 days. If you take the time to look. Be smart and push hard. Same goes for protein: 25% increase in P1 and P2.benpakulski. and 50g during P-2. Your body is going to require a greater amount of nutrients than it is used to. Use this manual as your constant companion. and shoot me your results and pictures! MI40 is going to be pushing your limits of physical performance and growth. Grow time! www. all of the answers to your questions already exist in this 53 .training.