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Published by: Harry Cole on Jul 25, 2013
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Mark Clarke Chief Executive Trade Union Reform Campaign 104 Oakley Street London SW3 5NR Gerald

Walker Assistant Certification Officer Certification Office 22nd Floor, Euston Tower 286 Euston Road London NW1 3JJ 25th July 2013

Dear Mr Walker Thank you for your letter of 19th July. In it you stated that you would not be able to launch an investigation into the Falkirk selection for fear of overlapping with an ongoing police investigation. That police investigation has now ended. However, there are serious questions to be asked about whether or not Union money has been spent appropriately or whether Union membership lists have been used appropriately. I would draw your attention to the facts that:     The Labour Party itself were sufficiently concerned of impropriety to refer the matter to the police. Unite members themselves have alleged that their membership details were passed on without their knowledge by union officials. The Guardian reported that Unite money was used to directly pay for subscriptions to the Labour Party via one cheque. There has also been extensive coverage of this issue in the national press.

These matters lie clearly within the remit of the Certification Officer. Indeed, given the nature of the alleged incidents and the press coverage, it would be itself a matter of public concern if the statutory body created to stand up for trade union members were to sit on the sidelines. I would ask that with the closing of the police investigation, you exercise the responsibilities which Parliament has given you to stand up for the rights of ordinary Union members and ensure that Union funds have been properly spent. Yours sincerely

Mark Clarke Chief Executive Trade Union Reform Campaign

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