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631 November 5. iii. Mar. Carrie A. Eliza J. Mrs. 26.. . John(5). William(1)] born at Brattleboro. Various models and calibers were made over the years of production. m. 1861 The Ballard single shot rifle was invented by Charles Henry Ballard of Worcester. residing at Worcester. at Harwich. Conn..H. In 1866 the company was purchased by Merwin & Bray under the name of Merrimack Arms Co. In 1873 the company went into foreclosure and was purchased by Schoverling & Daly of NYC. Josiah(3). 1845. 1902. Marlin to produce the Ballard rifle. in Mar. About Charles Henry Ballard: Charles Henry(7) [Henry(6). Vt. The single shot rifle of Charles Henry Ballard became one of the best of the time and the rifle's popularity continued under the Marlin Firearms Company until around 1891 as it was replaced by the repeating rifle. Schoverling & Daly contracted with John M. MA and patented in 1861. married at Worcester. old) Willis H. 1857. April 2. June 24 1822. she died June 14. of Worcester. He was a machinist. of Branford. Joseph(2). 18. Fannie L. Josiah(4). Clara S. (Drury) Bliss. 1877 (23 yrs. Children: i.Ballard Rifle Patent Drawing C. b. Ballard Patent No. at Worcester. 33. d. The company was sold again in 1869 to Brown Manufacturing Co of NYC. Only 100 rifles were made by Ball & Williams in Worchester. Stoddard. m. he died August 9. Apr. of age) Albert Post Hopson. 1882 (20 yrs. 1901. ii.