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Established : 1 nad half yrs Manufacture or distribute : both. Productline, onlywater or else :only water( jar and 1 ltr bottle) Production per month:10000 carto0ns Production according to capacity: till 15000 cartoons if needed Production rate fixed every month\ year or it fluctues from time to time:fluctuates Cost price and profit margin:7.50 and 12rs Marked price: 15 to 20(rs) MRP differ from place to place:yes What is your distributer level: Level 0: manufacture to customer Level 1: manu facture to wholeseller\retailer to customer: yes Level2: manufactuer to distributor to wholeseller\retailer to customer Profit margin for the distributon:115, 112 No. of distributor:many Distribution areas of your product:all ktm Targated customer:local people Targeted customer(geography): No.of outlets in those targated areas: Most selling areas: Is it same since 2012: differs in non season( paush magh) Is this the only place where production accurs:yes Annul sales: Are the sales increasing or decreasing phase since 2012:increasing Invested for the promotion of your product:no Which media:no Spending on media:no BUT promotion done by giving waters to football club.

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23. Packaging of the product, will it affect the sales:not exactly 24. Who are your competioters: 25. What are your competative advantage:quality Phase of your product, growth:maturity:declining: growing (Pani ko pyass aru kehi drink le metdaina)

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