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Judo Session for Teenagers

Comberton judo club will be hosting a training session for teenagers on Sunday
21st June 2009: 1200-3.30pm. This session will be in three stages outlined below
and is designed to encourage teenagers to take responsibility for their own judo
and the direction it is going in. The session is the week before the Kent
International and there will be a high intensity session in preparation for this. The
three sessions are outlined below.

Session 1 - Judo tactics and strategy

This session will consider the judo contest and a tactical game. It is
not designed to teach players how to win by penalties. The purpose is
to describe the construct of a contest and consider how the athlete
should behave in certain elements. For example how to you maintain
your lead in the last 30 sec? How do you attack if you are losing in
the last 30 sec? This session is based upon academic research in the
area of performance analysis in judo and in particular an unpublished
paper by McDonald (2006).

Session 2 - LTAD and the adolescent years

Something that is possibly not known by many coaches and parents
in the area is that the head coach at Comberton is a university lecturer
specialising in Long-term Athlete Development, Talent identification
and the coaching process. This second session of the day is aimed at
both teenagers and their parent. We will consider how adolescents
grow, what training they should be doing, the volume of training they
should be doing etc Many people feel they know about this already
so I will give you an example - did you know a male athlete should
start strength training 1.2-1.8 year after puberty and a female should
start at the onset of menarche?

Session 3 - High intensity judo session

The final session will be a high intensity judo session in preparation
for the Kent international. It will be tough but fun!

The cost of the afternoon will be £8. For more information or to book
a place please email Bob at or call
07834 708970. Please try to book in advance, we can only take 20
players max.

Coaches are more than welcome, whether to provide input or to learn

and can obviously attend for free.