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Quick Reference Guide

Panic Buttons
Fire Police Medical

Select Keys Test Your System

We recommend that you test your system once a month to ensure it is properly relaying signal to our Monitoring Center. Call 18008666486 to test your system today!
Keypad model featured is similar to many keypad products oered by DMP.

Panic Buttons can be programmed to be available 24/7 in the event of an emergency.


If one or more zones are not in a normal condition, the keypad displays SYSTEM NOT READY. Press any Select Key during this display to show the zones that are NOT READY. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Enter your User Code. The keypad displays ALL PERIM or HOME SLEEP AWAY. Select HOME or PERIM to arm the Perimeter only. Select SLEEP to arm the Perimeter and Interior (except bedroom areas). Select ALL or AWAY to arm the Perimeter, Interior and Bedroom. If a problem exists on any zones, the zone name and problem display followed by: OKAY BYPASS STOP. a. Select OKAY to force arm the zone(s) before arming. b. Select BYPASS to bypass the zone(s) before arming. c. Select STOP to stop the system from arming. Correct and return to step 1. 6. The keypad next displays EXIT: ## INSTNT and begins to count down the number of seconds remaining for you to exit. 7. You can select INSTNT while EXIT: ## INSTNT displays to immediately arm all zones and remove entry/exit delay. Enter your User Code to disarm the system. 1. 2. 3. 4. Enter your User Code. Keypad displays CANCEL VERIFY. If alarm is false, press Select Key under CANCEL to cancel alarm. If the alarm is valid or you are unsure of the cause of alarm, press the Select Key under VERIFY to alert the Monitoring Center that you verify the alarm they just received.

DISARM All Areas DISARM All Areas (while in alarm)

Quick Arm HOME or PERIM Quick Arm AWAY or ALL Quick Arm SLEEP Turn CHIME (monitor) on/o Sensor RESET

Press Key 3 (HOME) for 2 seconds to arm the perimeter. Press Key 1 (ALL) for 2 seconds. Press Key 7 (SLEEP) for 2 seconds to arm the perimeter and interior areas and leave the bedroom area o. Press Key 5 (CHIME). Press Key 2 (RESET) for 2 seconds, then enter your User Code, if required, to reset the system.

Have a Question? Contact the ADS Monitoring Center at 18008666486 or visit our website at
AL LIC 1 72 73 80 94 151 , FL LIC EF20000960, GA LIC 205166 205624, SC LIC 1845 1846, TN LIC 183 685 1417 1571