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Fall 2013-----Room 32 Welcome to IPC! My website: <> Course Description: IPC is a laboratory-based course in which students explore fundamental chemistry, physics, and related earth and space science concepts and principles. Students enrolled in this course will develop problem solving skills and strategies while investigating, the structure and properties of matter, chemical reactions, forces, motion, and the interactions between energy and matter. Working in a laboratory environment, students investigate the basics of chemistry and physics in solving real-world problems. Course Outcomes: 1. Students will have a basic understanding of chemistry. 2. Students will have a basic understanding of physics. Assessments: You will be required to participate in all activities in this course. While there is not a participation grade, I will be putting check marks in my gradebook that will determine if a borderline grade is pushed up or left on the border. These activities will include, but not limited to, daily grades, lab grades, quizzes, tests, and projects. Dissections are a highly useful tool in the learning process in this class. I will let you know ahead of time when I plan a dissection so that you are not wearing your very best clothes. Every 9 weeks there will be a minimum of 1 major project that counts as an exam category grade. Leaving the classroom: No one will be leaving the classroom in the first 20 minutes of class for any reason unless there is a medical doctors note requesting an accommodation. If you need to see the counselor or liaison officer, let me know and I will email them with your

request. No one will be allowed to go to another teachers classroom (except in rare circumstances). If someone needs to see you during my class, they will come get you. Grading policy: Daily Quizzes Exams Labs Journal Semester Exam 30 % #694489 5% 40 % 10 % 5% 10 %

1. Cheating on any assignment will result in an automatic 0. 2. Late work will only be accepted up to 2 days after the due date, with each day costing 10 points of the grade. After 2 days NO assignment will be accepted. 3. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the assignments from the make-up folders on the back table and come to me with any questions. 4. If you are absent the day an assignment is due, project is due or exam is scheduled, you are expected to bring the assignment/project the day you return. The exam needs to be rescheduled with me. 5. Make-up work will be substituted for labs missed unless it can be worked out to set up the lab again. 6. Extra credit may or may not be an option so plan on doing your best everytime! 7. If you are given detention, you have 3 days to serve it or it will become a blue slip. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! 8. All school policies will be followed at all times.

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