The INPRS (Indiana Public Retirement System) Board had made changes to your retirement fund that will reduce your retirement income!

To Summarize:

Defined Benefit – the major portion of your retirement benefit – takes a minor hit estimated between 0.1 to 1.1% decrease with use of updated mortality tables. Annuity Savings Account – the lesser portion of your retirement benefit – takes a major hit of undeterminable amount but current estimate is 2.25% plus!

Act Now:

Contact INPRS Board members before their meeting on September 13, 2013 at 9 a.m. See details in more complete information also attached.
Chris Atkins catkins@gov.in.gov Ken Cochran kcochran@samcoinc.us **Ms. Klye Rosebrough krosebrough@msdpt.k12.in. us Tim Berry tberry@auditor.in.gov Judi Golden jgolden@tos.in.gov Bret Swanson bret.swanson@gmail.co m

**Brian Abbott babbott@hccsc.k12.in.us Randy Brown Randy.brown@wellpoint.co m **Michael Pinkham mikepinkham@aol.com 

Contact members of the Pension Management Oversight Commission before their September 23, 2013 meeting.
Sen. Walker s41@in.gov Rep. Burton h58@in.gov Rep. Moseley h10@in.gov Gary Lewis Sen. Hume s48@in.gov Rep. Thompson h28@in.gov Steve Meno Kurt Meade

Sen. Boots, Chr s23@in.gov Sen. Tallian s4@in.gov Rep. Niezgodski h7@in.gov Kip White

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