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Comparing Book club Novels

Name of Novel Describe the setting of the text

The Melting Pot

Past 1930-1940 Sydney Edwards Fathers Chinese store

The Battle For Rondo

Rondo Forest Music Box

Give a brief description of the main characters in the story

Mimi- smart ideas to trick the enemy, brave enough to consult the biggest enemy of their rights and wrongs Leo- Smart when coming to noticing his surroundings for danger and when figuring out answers and weaknesses in stuck situations Edward is being bullied Chinese saying he is not be Chinese English discriminating he thinking he is Chinese He does not want to go to China Sister Elizabeth discriminates, makes fun of and tries to get Edward in trouble-believes in her fathers words White Australian policy The Blue Queen is trying to make a potion to take over Rondo Blue Queen is suspically doing things in Rondo and has taken suspicious suspects. The friends do not know what she is planning

Brief summary of the plot

What did both books have in common?

I didnt think that the ends were very pounding because at the end Edward does go to China when he doesnt want to and The BQ turns into a mosque unknown

What was different in both books?

Real Diary Characters perspective/story Many small-medium plots

Fantasy Writers story/ perspective One big main plot

Which novel did you enjoy the most? Why?