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Valentines box (Rose Box)

Tadashi Mori This origami is composed with 12 sheets of paper. 4 Squares to make the ower on top, based on Krystyna Burkzyc kusudama Versailles 4 Squares to make the box lid 4 Rectangles (2 : 1 ratio) to make the box botton part. The rectangle must be the size of two squares used in the other parts.

Botton Part:
2 1 3. Fold and unfold the botton square, dividing it in 4 parts.

4 6 5

10 11. Open the botton part.

12. Fold both layers in the indicated line

13. Fold only one layer in the indicated line. The model will not lie flat

14. Fold the top layer, narrowing the leaf.

15. Turn the model over.

16. Reverse the leaf

17. Assemble all four pieces in the indicated places.

17. Make four models like this one.

1 2 3

9 10. Make 4 pieces like this one.

11. Assemble the pieces as indicated

12. Finished model


2 3

6 8 7

11. Curl the pieces together

10. Make 4 pieces like this one

9. Curl the indicated parts

13. Finished model 12. Assemble 2 more pieces the same way, curling the last piece with the rst one

Curl the flower and the lid together in the indicated points Finished model

The origami rose was based on Krystyna Burczyk`s kusudama called Versailles . Each piece folded to make the rose part is exactly the same used to make the kusudama, but the assembling 4 pieces to make each rose instead of 5. If you find any difficulties to make this origami, you can find the video insctructions at: