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Outdoor Directional Panel Antenna

Features and Product Description
Well adapted for dense urban and rural sites Continuously adjustable Variable Electrical Tilt (VET).

Narrow beamwidth is suitable for localized coverage

Technical Specifications Electrical

Frequency Range Gain Polarization Vertical Horizontal Cross-polar Discrimination Front-To-Back Ratio 1st upper side lobe suppression VSWR Variable Electrical Downtilt Isolation Between Ports 3rd Order IM @ 2 x 43 dBm Maximum Power Per Port Impedance Lightning Protection Beamwidth MHz dBi deg dB dB dB deg dB dBc W 806-960 18 45 12 32 > 17 (At boresight 0 deg), > 10 (At 60 deg) > 28 >18 1.5:1 0 - 14 30 -150 250 50 Direct Ground 1415560141 27.5 UV Resistant PVC, Light Grey 00-ZJ10 Aluminum Zinc Composite 7/16 DIN-Female, Bottom -55 to +70 95 200 1740700295 36

Dimensions, H x W x D Weight Radome Material and Color Mount (Kit) Reflector Material Radiating Element Material Connector Type and Location Operational Temperature Operational Humidity Operational Wind Speed Shipping Dimensions, H x W x D Shipping Weight mm kg

C % km/h mm kg

Antenna Patterns
Radiation patterns taken at 824MHz with 0o electrical downtilt

Vertical Pattern Information contained in this document is subject to confirmation at time of ordering.

Horizontal Pattern Issued: 14Aug08 Control: 0-0-0 1/31