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MARY ANN HENNEN 178 BAYVIEW AVENUE NORTHPORT, NEW YORK 11768-1509 April 14, 2009 ‘New York State ‘Commission on Judicial Condnct 61 Broadway ‘New York, New York 10006 Re: Suffok County Supreme Court Justice Sandra Sguui, Teuth Judicial District Inthe Matter of Marv Ann Hennen, Index Number 07-16328 Ladies and Gentlemen: Please consider Use attached letter my complaint with regard to Suffolk County Supreme Justice Sandra Sgroi and how the machinations of representatives of the Suffolk County Department of Social Services, law guardians, a court evaluator, a principal court clerk, ‘and others have influenced her and gained control of her courtroom. Very truly yous, hay Dan. Mentone ‘Mary Ann Hennen Attachments CAROLYN & MALONEY Te Disa wen FINANCIAL SERVICES: co A Congress of the United States iain House of Representatives muon ‘Washington, DE 203 JOINT ECONOME: COMMITEE April 21, 2009 Ms. Mary Ann Hennen 178 Bayview Avenue Northport, NY 11768-1509 Dear Ms. Hennen: ‘Thank you for your recent comespondence. Your concerns are very important to me; however, you reside in the 2nd Congressional District. While I would like to be of assistance, Congressional courtesy dictates that I refer you to Congressman Steve Israel, who is your elected representative in Congress. Thave taken the liberty of forwarding your correspondence to Representative Steve Isracl, and 1 am sure you will receive a reply very soon. If you wish to contact your Representative in the interim, the address is: 150 Motor Parkway, Suite 108 Hauppauge, NY 11788, and ihe phone ‘umber is (631) 951-2210. Member of Congress CBM/ag ce: Representative Steve Israel Please Reply To: 1651 Third Avenue, Suite 311 ‘New York, NY 10128-3679 Matter of Demarco (Hensten) Index No, 16328/07 Page 2 ‘The Court is in receipt of a letter dated December 3, 2008 from the Specia! Guardian, Vincent G. Berger, Ir, Esq., and a copy of a deed by which John T. Rieger, as surviving co-trustee, under the Nicholas Psaroudis Revocable Living Trust dated January 26,2001, conveying real property to Mary Ann Hennen, Mr. Berger notes that Debra V. Isler, Esq. had previously been directed to deliver the deed to Mr. Berger, but had not indicated whether the deed should be recorded. Mr. Berger indicates that he is secking the Court’s approval to record the deed, but that he has no funds for the recording charges, which he estimates should be approximately $225.00. ‘The Court agrees with Mr. Berger's implicit suggestion that the deed should be recorded, Under the unusual circumstances of this matter, Mr. Berger should first make an inquiry to the Suffolk County Clerk as to whether the recording charges can be waived, If that is permissible, he should record the deed and so report to the Court, In the event that the recording charges cannot he waived in full, Mr. Rerger should move, on notice, for an order permitting him to record the deed and imposing responsibility for the costs thereof upon Mary Ann Hennen, This might include a request for permission w advance the funds and seek reimbursement upon a future sale of the property. Presently, itis ORDERED that the request by Mr. Berger for permission to record the deed as set forth in his December 3, 2008 letter is granted only to the extent, and upon the conditions, stated above. oaea 24 (9104 L.SGROI, J.$.C.