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Oliver/ Louis Armstrong Dave Valentin Connie Evingson Stefan Heidtmann Quarett Stefan Heidtmann Quarett Don Byas and Slam Stewart Brian Dickinson Miles Davis Bobby Shew Vivian Buczek Trio Neuvo John McLaughlin Kirk Lightsey Mark Shilansky Trio Edward Simon Album Women's Work Tumbao Para Los Congueros Di Mi Vida Blue Mance Software The Bennett archives Red Sun Sings The Beatles Get Back Beatles Songs Get Back Beatles Songs The Complete Commodore Jazz Recordings Brian Dickinson The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions Tribute To The Masters Straight From My Heart Jazz Meets Tango The Promise Lightsey 1 First Look The Process Song New Dance Tin Tin Deo Headstart Jo-Jo's time Sensation Rag/ When You're Smiling With A Little Help From My Friends Fixing A Hole She's Leaving Home Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Indiana- from 1945 All Of You Mademoiselle Mabry Tiny Capers Filthy McNasty The Missing Link The Peacocks Trinkle Tinkle On The Rave Reprocess Time 3:52 5:56 5:15 4:44 8:18 5:21 3:29 2:23 5:41 5:13 4:17 16:33 6:18 3:12 6:29 5:52 5:52 5:16 4:10

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