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100-RG-ENG-00000-900006-EOR_Spring 2010

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2.3.1 Following the Minister’s letter indicating the need for an ‘Option 1 type’ approach, there has
been ongoing development of the main tunnel based on the Option 1c solution. The Lee
Tunnel has also been consented and the contract for its construction awarded.
2.3.2 The Thames Tunnel Project’s site selection process4

recognises that the engineering
design will need to proceed in parallel with the site selection process, and that there is an
iterative relationship between the two.
2.3.3 Design development activities have included:

engineering designs and studies of various components of the scheme, and
identification of possible high-level main tunnel routes

’system master planning’ to define the sewage system operation changes and
facilities needed to control and limit overflows from the scheme

construction, transportation and river navigational logistics studies

field investigations, including ground investigations and surveys.
2.3.4 This Engineering Options Report draws on the relevant aspects of these studies and
investigations, as well as the results from the site selection shortlisting process.


Site Selection Methodology Paper, Section 1.7.5

3 System Design and Engineering Requirements

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