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Anatomy of the Urinary System

Kidneys (urine formation)
Lower Urinary Tract Ureters (2) Bladder (1) Urethra (1) (urine collection, storage, excretion)

Cortex Medulla Cortex Glomeruli Medulla Renal tubules (with calyces forming the medulary pyramids) Renal hilum Renal artery Ureter Takes urine to bladder Blood carried to the kidney by the renal artery and taken away by the renal vein. Renal vein Renal pelvis Ureter .

.Each KIDNEY consists of 1 million NEPHRONS Each nephron consists of a: GLOMERULUS (found in cortex) forms a protein-free filtrate from blood TUBULE (found in medulla) processes the filtrate to form urine Each TUBULE consists of several segments: Proximal tubule Loop of Henle Distal Tubule Collecting Ducts.

Functional Unit of the Kidney is the NEPHRON Glomerulus Proximal Tubule Loop of Henle Distal Tubule Collecting Duct .

Kidney Functions 1. electrolyte balance. Removal of waste from blood and excretion of urine. pH 2. Secretion of hormones Erythropoietin Renin . Regulation of water. 3.