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This advertisement uses the big text You Are What You Eat then uses smaller sensory

words to make us think about those things etc. Crisp, Vibrant, Clean, And Natural. Their advertising product which is apples and these words make the people think about when they eat this apple what senses would they feel and makes them want to buy these apples as all of these words are positive.

This advertisement uses a picture of a pig getting slaughtered and vibrant words (Rhetorical questions) to capture the attention of the reader and also uses sensory words like swallow to make the reader think of themselves swallowing the pig that has been slaughtered cruelly and how much they can actually swallow it.

This advertisement uses big text to get the readers attention and tells the reader to bite me, in this case it is the pizza then there is some text about the pizza below advertising why you should eat this pizza such as by saying that because this bakery uses fresh handmade dough it makes all the difference.