Remember to use do/does, did, will as auxiliaries… 1. Mike said that he________________________ baseball tomorrow. (to play) 2. Peter and Martha ___________________here next Friday. They ll be busy. (to !ome) ". They ______________________ math next year# but they ll ha$e physi!s. (to study) %. & _________________________ alone at home. (ne$er# to be) '. (he ________________________ you# i) you *i$e her a present like this. (always# to lo$e) + . & ___________ at a department store yesterday. (shop) ,. -e _____________ .n*lish last week# but this week we _____________________Fren!h. (study) / . _________________________ a lot last (aturday0 (she# work) 1. The sweet was deli!ious# but 2athy ___________ to eat a !ookie. (pre)er) 13. ________________________ her aunt next (unday# she e$en *ot the tra$el ti!kets. (Pe**y# $isit)4 11.5ur !lass _______________________ at /6"3 today. (not# to start) 1%. & __________________ .n*lish on Monday# on the other days o) the week & do4. (study) 1'. -e ___________________ any4 new !lothes last week be!ause they ______________ on sale. (to buy# to be) 1+. ________________________________ in !lass a)ter the *ames next week0 (students# be) II. TRANSLATE THE PERFECT TENSES BELOW: & have ee! that mo$ie twenty times. & think & ha" #e$ him be)ore you saw him )or the )irst time. There have %ee! many earth7uakes in 2ali)ornia.4 People have $&ave'e" to the Moon# but no one ha e$er $&ave'e" to Mars. W('' you have &ea" the book by the time & !all you last week0 III. Ma&) $he *+$(*! $ha$ %e $ ,*#+'e$e $he $e-$ %e'*. .($h $he a++&*+&(a$e $e! e : 1. &t is already 16"3 PM and & here )or o$er an hour. &) 8ohn does not *et here in the next )i$e minutes# & am *oin* to lea$e. ( ) will wait ( ) have been waiting ( ) waited ( ) has waited ( ) had waited

2. & was really an*ry at 8ohn yesterday. 9y the time he )inally arri$ed# & hour. & almost le)t without him. ( ) will wait ( ) have been waiting ( ) waited ( ) has waited waited ". (arah (*o) ( ) went (

)or o$er an ( ) had

on sa)ari in :enya e$ery year. (he is su!h an ad$enturous person. ) have gone ( ) had gone ( ) has gone

N*. /*0 ,*#+'e$e1 %. (arah (!limb) (*o) the Matterhorn# (sail) around the world and

on sa)ari in :enya by the time she turned twenty;)i$e. (he

(experien!e) more by that a*e than most people do in their entire li$es. .

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