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Jakob Lorber From Hell to Heaven Robert Blum

Jakob Lorber From Hell to Heaven Robert Blum



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Published by BORIS

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Published by: BORIS on Sep 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1
Robert Blum’s life on Earth
Robert Blum arrived on Earth under the most extreme penury, and had to contend withgrinding poverty almost to his last years, which nonetheless was his lot for good reason,incomprehensible to the world, of course. His soul and spirit came from that planet whoseinhabitants, as revealed in
The Natural Sun
, are wont to stubbornly shift entire mountains withavid determination; and whatever they don’t accomplish physically, they continue doing asspirits.2.
This man, who was executed on account of his daring, had already in childhooddemonstrated the tenacity of his spirit. Although I Myself had to, in his best interest, placesuitable obstacles in his path whenever he tended to exalt himself, this was of little effect for thisworld, as the persistency of his spirit elbowed him a way out, from his inconsequence to abroader mandate.3.
He was wont to spawn a thousand plans and put them into action forthwith. He was aboveall permeated with social justice, which he did not shy away from implementing. Had hepossessed all the world’s treasures for realising his overriding idea he would have wagered thelot, together with his life!4.
These ideas on social justice he received mainly from the worldly religious school of Ronge
 and his colleagues. But this in reality is neither a school nor a church, because it denies Me asthe Lord, making Me into an ordinary man and teacher of antiquity. This ‘Church’ thereforecasts off the very foundation-stone upon which it strives to build its edifice, and its house shalltherefore have feeble foundations.5.
 Just like Ronge, so also our man built his socialistic ideas upon sand. To him, everythingthat the world could offer seemed small and feeble. It appeared to be left entirely up to hisoratorical skill to shortly bring down the powers that be.6.
This conviction was so strong in him as to leave him no qualms. Even where I warned himinwardly against undertakings too brazen, this did not hold him back from whatever he set hismind to, it being one of his maxims that a true German will not shirk any sacrifice towards anidea seized upon by his mind.7.
Several distinct successes maintained his zeal, and when he had moved some politicalmolehills he would then tackle the Himalayas. He thereby gained notoriety, and the trust of anentire nation, which however blazed the trail for his earthly downfall.8.
He tested his debating skill at the 1848 German National Assembly several times, whichbrought him much satisfaction, which was of course mainly due to his powerful spirit.Encouraged thereby, he hastened to a big East German city (Vienna) where the crowds actuallybegan to prominently implement his ideas. Whereupon he tried to, as it were, kill thirtyprincely flies with one blow, not considering that I too had a few words to say through theseflies.9.
Our man started off mainly from an idea he borrowed from My word: ‘Be ye thereforeperfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect’; and that only one is Lord, all others being brethren,regardless of status. But he did not in the first instance believe in the One, whom men shouldemulate in perfection. For the Lord, he actually took himself to be – through his debating skill.He forgot that the princes also are humans, in possession of power out of Me; forgetting also thepassage ‘Give to Caesar what is due to Caesar, and to God what is due to God!’
This man was arrested in the above city, where he wanted to realise his ideas of social justice through the power of arms, as well as speech, being charged with sedition and, after ashort trial, dispatched into the beyond. Therewith his this-worldly action was terminated.
Ronge, (1813 – 1887), Founder of ‘German Catholicism’, independent from Rome
Chapter 2
First impressions of the executed in the beyond. Awareness of feeling alive.
Now it will be asked: how did his soul and spirit arrive in the eternal world of spirits?2.
Here it has to be remarked that all who lost their lives through violent execution, arrive inthe world of spirits in greatest rage and thirst for vengeance against their executioners,staggering about like the raving. Wherefore, if they are true criminals against God’scommandments, and hence wicked, they are immediately driven to hell – their actual element,to take their revenge there. From there, once their vengeance is cooled somewhat, they arereturned to the actual world of spirits, where they begin once again to undergo their liberty test,of course along much more restrictive paths.3.
But spirits like our man, executed for transgressing merely against worldly laws are initiallyplaced into a state of lightlessness. There they fare like the blind, and will not see any beingsupon whom they might exercise their blind vengeance. – Even in this physical world, great rageand vengeance often produce actual blindness, from rage and hot vengeance. Yet much more sodo these evil vices produce, in soul and spirit, a condition of total blindness. Such spirits are leftin this state until their vengeance turns into a sense of complete impotence. Their deeply hurtand offended soul, out of such helplessness begins to cry, which actually also originates in rage,which however is diverted and weakened therewith.4.
On this side of things, our man could of course do no more than save his manly honour;wherefore at his execution he showed himself resolute and scornful of death – which wasnonetheless not so in reality. For he was exceedingly conscious of the fear of death, and thatmuch more since, as a ‘New Catholic’, he did not believe at all in a life after physical death.5.
About seven hours after his execution, when his soul had, so-to-say, gathered itself up, hequickly convinced himself of his baseless worldly belief, and soon discerned that he continuedto live. But then his persuasion of life’s continuation turned into another unbelief: he nowsuspected that he had been indeed led out to the place of execution, but only ‘apparently’ shot,in order to undergo the fear of death. He had only collapsed, stunned from fear, because theofficer had bound his eyes so that he would not see the ‘dummy’ shot. From there he wouldhave been taken unconscious to a dark dungeon, from where a complaint of Germany’spopulace would soon set him free.6.
Only the heavy darkness is disturbing him. His location seems a dark hole, which howeverdoes not seem moist or foul-smelling. He also touches his feet and hands and finds no shackles.He gauges the size of his prison and the type of floor, and checks for some nearby, secret‘instruments of execution’.7.
But he is not a little surprised at the lack of any floor at all, nor of any prison wall, nor doeshe detect a hammock in which he could be suspended in a dungeon.
Chapter 3
Robert thinks he has been anaesthetised.
This intrigues him. He checks whether the feelings in his limbs perhaps are deadened, but atonce convinces himself through pinching and rubbing that all his soul’s body parts are anythingbut dead, and quite a sensitive contrary.2.
After convincing himself of being fully alive from every aspect, and not enclosed on anyside other than by night and darkness, he asks himself in despair:3.
“Where, by the three devils, am I? What have these bloodhounds done to me? They couldnot have shot me, or I would not be alive! Nor have they locked me up, for I find neither wallnor floor, nor shackles on my limbs! My complete feelings are with me, and my eyes have not
been poked out either; yet I see nothing! Verily, this is dreadfully strange! - This misanthrope,who had me only shot by appearance, must have put me to sleep with some secret narcoticdrug, that being my condition! Just you wait, fiend, - you human-rights murderer; when I getout of this anaesthetic, then laugh: I’ll make you pay for it!4.
“This state won’t last forever; they will be on the look-out for me in Frankfurt and allSaxony, - I must get there! Then you will find out about proceeding so ruthlessly against amember of parliament! This you will atone for in historic uniqueness.5.
“If only I came out of this strange anaesthetic soon! I’m burning with vengeance, yet thisloathsome state continues! This surely is a devilish invention! But patience will soon take care ofit!”
Chapter 4
Distress call to God – appeal to Jesus
Falling silent for a while after these words, he rubs his eyes to get rid of possible narcoticeffect, getting despondent and doubtful of his eyesight ever returning, in spite of all hispatience. With no light returning he shouts:2.
“What’s happened to me? What kind of cursed condition is this? Is there no longer a God,mighty and more just with His graces than the Earth’s rulers!3.
“God! - If You exist, then stretch out Your arm! Avenge me, who tried to do the right thingfor your children – the way Your teacher of nations Jesus once tried to do. He too was onceseized by crude henchmen, being hung on the stake with the greatest humiliation – as thanksfor his immense effort and sacrifice for all mankind!4.
“I am, like He, a son of Yours, if You exist! Are You really nowhere other than in people’sconsciousness? If however Your power is no greater than what man thinks of his own, then Ionly speak empty words, and am then betrayed in my entire being forever! Why then did I haveto become a living, self-conscious being? Why did some crude idea within infinite space gatheritself together within me as a lucid expression of existence? You cursed chance that once got meinto this miserable existence! If there be wicked devils, then let them destroy forever suchpower that brought me into being!5.
“Oh you men, you deceived mankind, stop procreating! You people still living, murderyour children and yourselves, that the accursed Earth would be cleared. Oh you rulers, throttleall the people and split up the accursed Earth among yourselves, to abound just for you! Butvain is my zeal; an eternal slave! What is one droplet to the mighty, surging sea! Hence, youuseless talk, be silent! And you, hands – try and bring an end to this most miserable existence!”6.
Following this, he makes a few deep throttling attempts at his throat, but to no effect ofcourse. For he reaches right through, as it were, each time without feeling the least trace ofsuffocation. This stays his hand, and this condition gradually confounds him even more. Thethrottling comes to naught, and he decides to move straight ahead: “Because” he says tohimself, with fury, “darker and more bottomless than here it can’t be anywhere within infinitespace. Wherefore I need not fear an abyss or some secret execution. Forward therefore! Maybe Iwill come across some ray of light, or a welcome death!7.
“Oh, what blessing must be a state of complete death! How happy I must have been before Ifelt an existence, and free consciousness! If only I could suffer complete annihilation again! Butlet that be as it will; if complete death is a relief, then I need fear nothing further. Wherewith,let’s move ahead!”

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