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Is school bid wise? STUDENTS in Brunswick, Coburg and Pascoe Vale attend a wide range of secondary schools Brunswick, Northcote, Strathmore, Princes Hill, Fitzroy, Pascoe Vale Girls and University High draw students from here. ‘They can pick and choose among students outside their zones, drawing many away. Has the campaign group High School for Coburg worked out what kind of school would be successful in attracting local kids? Moreland City College, in spite of having money poured in, had only seven students enrolied to start in 2005. ‘Anew school in Coburg would have its own zone. Brunswick, Northcote and Strathmore high schools, which cover parts of Coburg and Pascoe Vale, would have their zones reduced. Families living in those zones might not be happy to lose their entitlement to attend those schools. Christine Campbell says there are enough students for twoclasses. That is not enough for quality schooling. At VCE level, the important choice is subject choice, not location choice. Larger schools can offer a full range of VCE subjects, with VET and YCAL options. Any new school in Coburg needs tobe very well conceived to attract families away from the many choices they have available. If we want.a school in Coburg, we need to work out how and when it could work. Brunswick state Labor MP Carlo Carli We're already zoned out TASK Carlo Carli to look further than his constituency for a change (“School scare claim”, August 24). Coburg North is already zoned out of Northcote and Brunswick secondary schools and by the time my children are ready for high school I imagine Strathmore will no longer be available to them. High School for Coburg is a serious campaign started up by parents that have the ability to look into thefuture by more than three or four years. They saw the struggle to get a local kinder place transfer into the struggle to finda local high school. Lapplaud Christine Campbell's complete support for the campaign but am unsure as to whether her call for a junior school at Coburg Senior High is the answer. Thave no doubt that the High School for Keep up college push LENJOYED attending the High School for ‘Coburg Q&A. It reminded me of the American “town meetings” —lots of participation and a real community pulse. ‘This campaign shows that communities cannot be taken for granted. We can’t just assume that the people and institutions which create communities, and bind them together, will always be there. We can't just allow education to become a commodity or product - something that you might have to purchase to gain a private advantage. We've taken our schools, especially our public schools, for granted and we have lost many of them. So congratulations to the high school for ‘Coburg campaign on its notable achievements to date. Chris Bonnor, co-author The Stupid Country- how Australia is dismantling public education and speaker at High School for Coburg Q&A ‘Coburg group and the community will help decide what the best option for Coburgis. Mel Alexander, Students deserve better HAVING attended the High School for Coburg Q&A event on August 19, I was. impressed by Chris Bonnor's points around. the value ofa high school toa local community. Schools build and strengthen a community for children and families. Itis typical of a nervous Government with an election looming that they will get caught up ina battle over numbers. Darren Saffin

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