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Compute r vocab

Network connection that the computers are connected to and run using the internet. RAM random access memory_ is the memory in the computer. In the clouds-memory using the internet USB a universal storage device also known as a flash drive. Four ways to save and store information.

infOhio; student research center
It’s a database! LGCA- lake Geauga Computer Association Pays so we can belong to infOhio. ALWAYS reliable, accurate and at our Middle School level so we can read and understand text info. Search with keywords. Than we filter our results.

infohio student research center
9 ways to filter research Magazines pop culture Newspaper world events daily updates Books general info past history Biography specific person Country reports country State state or province Primary source declaration photos maps and flags, look for a photo map or flag

computer history with bill nye.

the first computer took up a gym. original computers had cords that needed to be switched between to run programs.0and1 are called binary numbers called switches in our modern computers that make computers to make programs run.the world wide web was made in 1989. its 24 years old.

computer vocab continue.

Mouse;Hardware that controls the cursor . A monitor is a piece of hardware that lets you see what's on the computer.The keyboard is a piece of hardware that helps us type.Headphones are hardware that help you hear the computer.HARDWARE!!!pieces of the computer that you can touch.

computer vocab software
microsoft word you can type with google chrome you can use it to search,email and type. iphoto software helps me take photos. paint is software that helps you make images. SOFTWARE!!! PROGRAMS THAT MAKE YOUR COMPUTER RUN!!!

the qwerty keyboard
Name of the keyboard from the first row.Home row is where your finger and hands are placed.ASD Fghjkl;.

Its an internet based program through Google docs,similar to microsoft word.You can type papers,reports,tables and images. You can change your font,colors,italics,underline,bold. Also you can draw and link websites.

Its a internet based program through google chrome. You can create slide show presentation.

the internet
it started with just 1 computer in order to send info.something that can go wrong you could still get a virus or hacked.

3 things in internet research
1.Be safe. 2.Make sure your websites are accurate and reliable.

3.Don't plagiarism and give credit to the original author.

Sep 6 .html 90.html ab=ww#hl=en&q=THE+PEOPLE++HISTORY

SEP 6 1901 “When a 28-year-old anarchist named Leon Czolgosz approaches him and fires two shots into his chest.” information found at President Mckinley survived but died of blood loss.

Tips to prevent plagiarism

Don’t copy and past. Put quotation marks around the author’s words. Record CITATION information on your source sheet such as the copyright date.

InfOhio World Book Student
It’s a database too. It’s the electronic/online version of World Book Encyclopedia. At the end of most articles World Book Student gives the MLA Citation information.

100% accurate, reliable information.

InfOhio World book student
You can double click on any word to see its definition. You can highlight your search term in the text.
“Bull shark is a large shark that, unlike most sharks, often lives in freshwater. The shark has a stout body with a blunt snout”. MLA: Heupel, Michelle R. "Bull shark." World Book Student. World Book, 2013. Web. 12 Nov. 2013.

Citing textual evidence
Claim-Assertion [ State what you think]. Evidence-Paraphrase or summarize. Set up then add DIRECT QUOTES. Data from graph or chart. Explanation-how your evidence proves your claim.

Citing textual evidence
Evidence based terms. Because For an example for instance the author stated according to the text on page_ it said

Claim:For a special gift, I want to get a new fishing pole. Evidence: were going to Alaska next year. Explain:I am going to try to catch a Catfish.

Lets be safe online
1. Check web address. 2. no personal info is given out. 3. don’t sign up for anything that takes a credit card. 4. don’t cyber bully 5. don’t reveal locations.

3 words to describe winter break
1.Fun 2.sledy 3.cold

Spreadsheet helps us...
1.organize 2.keep track 3.list 4.plan 5.get sum 7.get max 6.get average 8.get min 9.count 10. add 11.add pictures

12.merge cells 13.insert chart graphs 14.color code lists

T: is it true H: is it helpful I: is it important N: is it necessary K: is it kind before you facebook,instagram,text,twitter or post on the web THINK