Your words of contempt burn deep in the heart, I hope they burn your lips, And your unsolicited affection, when you’re drunk, my hate, and a fire is lit Anything to control anybody uncontrollable, the bla e of hate burns on, Now you sit back en!oying the scorched pride of your foe, feeling fond

"ith the de#il in your soul, fire will soon consume your speech, burn bright, Your head will combust$ it will light up the night, what a gruesome sight But then, what should you consider, with the hate you ha#e, black coal But this is the life that he chooses, that has become his role

%o I guess in my heart I should mo#e on, time to lea#e this retched man, &et him wallow in the embers that he strews across the land 'oodbye to the man, who demands lo#e, but whose lo#e he can’t return, And in lea#ing, there are only three words to be said, burn baby burn

by (im (hayer

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