Why the Neteru of Ancient Egypt?

– By Rahotep © 2007
Please Note: Copyright subsists in all artwork. All the artwork was created by Rahotep as part of a divination and Spell deck and is currently awaiting offers of publishing. I offer email courses and readings at my website: www.rahotep.co.za

I owe my life's work to The Neteru of ancient Egypt. This introduction to the Names of Neter is my tribute of thanks and gratitude to all the Names of Neter for having given me life and loving me always, unconditionally. I would like to give you a little insight into my life and connection with them. The Neteru (“Neter” means divine names and principles), which are wrongly translated, as gods/goddesses are the many faces and aspects of the One Supreme Being that created the Universe and all that is. The source of ALL LOVE and ONENESS which some call God, Creator/Creatrix the Universe or The Goddess. The Neteru of ancient Egypt are my teachers, guides and friends. They represent my highest aspirations. They heal and protect me and give me unconditional love. They do this for anyone and everyone willing and ready to See, Listen and Experience them. They even do this for those that hate or deny them or are ignorant of their

existence, because Divine Love is unconditional and nonJudgmental. The strange symbols, shapes and images of the Egyptian Neteru on ancient Egyptian temple walls seem mysterious or even sinister to some. These images and symbols are just an attempt to symbolize concepts and aspects of the Divine, which are beyond our human understanding. As such they are just symbols and we must not be so naïve as to think that Neter really looks like this, although they often appear in these shapes, in meditations, or on the astral, in order for us to recognize and interact with them. Remember the Divine is infinite and Neter (How the ancients symbolized each of the Neteru) can take any form it desires. This means that Neter can manifest in Dreams, through other people, as “forces of nature”, feelings, sound, life experiences etc. I sometimes get asked by people coming to see me if I work with “the light” and “good energies” Do I believe in God? Etc, and if it is ok for them to be coming to me? (Some fear that these energies might be against their religion? Some are concerned that what I do is evil or “dark” or can cause “negative karma” for them).

I am not evil or dark, neither is the work I do or the energies and Neteru I work with. I ask in the spirit of Ma'at (see explanation of Ma'at below) to stop “Putting God in a Box”. I once saw a beautiful Tshirt, which carried the inscription: “God is too big to fit into one religion.” I see myself as Spiritual and free from Dogma or Religion. So let me state quite categorically that my work has nothing to do with Religion but everything to do with Spiritual Growth and Healing. Some people fear or hate the Neteru and see them as “demons” from “another religion” or culture. These people do not understand that Neter is Loving, Caring and Divine Light. “Do not curse what you (in your flawed perception, ignorance or limited understanding) see as the God of another, for all gods are one God” - Some do not understand this because a person can only understand and relate to that which one has experienced. They will only experience this once they can move past their own fears, prejudices and judgmental dogmatism (imposed by others wishing to exert control over people’s free will and divine right to choose and think, or by themselves through fear and ignorance).

The Neteru are as alive and relevant in my life today as they were to the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago (some new evidence puts the age of the Sphinx in Egypt and the ancient Egyptian civilization at +- 12 000 BC). Even so, Neter was always and will always be, Eternal, Unchanging, All love, The Light, The container of all that is, Divine. Although space does not allow the inclusion of all the names of Neter, allow me to introduce you to some aspects of Neter as I have experienced them in my life's journey. I hope you will come to realize that Neter isn't some distant judgmental or punishing force somewhere on a cloud “up there”; and as one Shaman teacher puts it, “looking to see what we are doing with our genitals!” No, on the contrary Neter is ever present and loving. Neter is as alive and present today as they were in ancient Egypt. Working with them is as beneficial and relevant in modern times as they were in ancient times, as you will come to see and experience if you choose to do so.

My Mentor and Patron Deity is Tehuti (Thoth). In the Egyptian Mysteries, one's patron Deity is the primary face or aspect of the Divine from which we take inspiration or whose qualities we would like to align ourselves with for our own spiritual growth. Remember all the Neteru are One, so none is greater or lesser than the other aspects. They are just aspects (of each other and the One supreme Source of all love, known by all and many names by all cultures and people all over the world) Some of Tehuti's titles include: “Divine Architect of the Universe”, “Master Magician” and “Lord of Wisdom”. He is associated (there are other forms) with the Ibis bird and often visits me in this guise. He is a master shape-shifter and His wisdom comes to us in many ways and forms. Neter is with us always, constantly communicating with each and every person, whether we realize or recognize this or not. Have you ever listened to a

song on the radio and found that the lyrics were the answer or inspiration to some problem or question for which you have been asking wisdom? – This is typical of the Energy of Tehuti. Aset (Isis) Isis of ten thousand names, Wife of Asar (Osiris), Queen of Magick. She is the caring mother always ready to protect, heal, nurture and love her children (each and every one of us). She is always present during a Sekhem Ankh Healing session, enfolding her wings of love, healing and protection around the person receiving the healing. She teaches us that there is life after death, joy after sorrow. She also teaches Magick to those that are pure of heart and ready to use such powers for the greater good and benefit of all people in a spirit of Ma'at (see below)

Asar (Osiris) “Asar un Nefer” – [Osiris the Good (Beautiful) Being] is one of His titles. He is the Husband of Isis and he teaches me the value of listening to my intuition. He teaches “Sound Judgment”. Asar represents mankind in its perfected spiritual state. Although he is the King and Judge in the underworld (according to Mythology) he represents Divine Mercy and Love. Osiris never Judges or Punishes, because free will and choice are our divine birthright and when we make wrong choices for ourselves, we only have ourselves to blame. Heru (Horus) Horus is the Mighty warrior. He is that fighting spirit in all of us who fight against injustices and refuse to be victims. He is a warrior for the light. His symbol is the Utchat Eye, which is also the logo on my website www.rahotep.co.za. The Eye of Horus represents wholeness, healing and all that is good and wholesome. It also represents

protection and psychic vision and as such is known as the all-seeing eye. Het-Heru (Hathor) One of her titles is “Mistress of Souls”. She teaches me the true meaning of love and caring. She also teaches that you cannot find love unless you love yourself. Bastet (Bast) Bastet has taught me to enjoy all that life has to offer and the joy and fulfillment that comes from finding my passion or listening to beautiful music. Both Bastet and Hathor are associated with music and dancing, pleasure and joy. Bastet is also associated with the sensual side of human nature and enjoyment of sexual pleasure. Sacred sexuality and Tantric practices were a means of connecting to the Divine in Ancient Egypt. Egyptians did not have the

Taboos etc that some in our modern culture have regarding the enjoyment and experiencing of sex. No, this does NOT mean the ancient Egyptians had no morals, it only means that they had a different experience and viewpoint. Heqet Her symbol is the frog, which represents the number 100 000 in ancient Egypt and she helps with the manifestation of goals and prosperity. If you are a pregnant mother or about to give Birth, Invoke her protection and ask her to speed up the labour to lesson the pain. This is as it was done in ancient Egypt, for mothers in labour by the Priestesses of Heqet.

Sekhmet (the lioness) She holds the keys to both Life and Death. She is the Great Healer as well as the Destroyer. Sekhmet is also known as the destroyer because she destroys that which is no longer needed in our life. The things, that prevents us from growing spiritually. In other words aspects like falsity, greed, selfrighteousness, resentment, fear or any other limiting beliefs, aspects or energies that prevents our spiritual growth. Ever seen a lioness at play with her cub? - Although gentle and loving, lionesses also sometimes scratch their young to “toughen them up” in order to meet the challenges that survival in nature requires. Likewise with Sekhmet, Her lessons aren't easy or wrapped in cotton wool but they bring great healing and spiritual strides forwards when she touches our life. She is also the dispenser of Ma'at (Karmic justice) and protects the people that suffer at the

hands of evildoers. It was in her temples in Ancient Egypt where Sekhem Ankh (a very powerful form of energy healing) was practiced. Sekhmet means “the Powerful One” and Sekhem Ankh means the “Power of Life”. I invoke Sekhmet during a Sekhem Ankh healing session to Destroy negative energy patterns, disease, limitations and blockages that hinder or prevent health and spiritual growth. I also ask her to replace that which has been destroyed with love healing and wholeness. Ma'at Her symbol is the Ostrich Feather as well as the scales. The word Ma'at means Justice, Truth, Cosmic Order, Balance and Integrity. The Neteret Ma'at represents all of these qualities and her lessons help us to bring balance and order into our life. As humans we do not like to admit when we are wrong or to see our faults, Ma'at however teaches

us to stand in a space of total integrity. This can be difficult and challenging if we are not willing to grow spiritually or face ourselves in the mirror. Challenges will always be a part of life but when we take the principles and lessons Ma'at teaches us to heart and start applying them, a lot of the chaos we experience (often self created) seem to make way for order and balance. The forces of nature like gravity, magnetism, the planets and stars in their respective courses, time and space are all embodiments of Ma'at. Her lesson is simple, where there is chaos there is no Ma'at, so if this is our experience and we are experiencing chaos, we need to ask ourselves the question: Am I acting in Ma'at? Am I in integrity? I teach ethics of Heka and the “Principles of Ma'at” in my Heka classes. Heka can be loosely translated as “Spells” or “Magick” and means “Divine/Authoritive utterance” These principles are often misunderstood and I find it surprising how many people do not

know how to balance chaos. When one starts applying these principles a state of Ma'at (Balance and integrity) is achieved which leads to great peace of mind. Ra Ra is the creative force in the Universe and brings illumination and enlightenment into our life. His symbol is the sun. Ask yourself what would happen to our world if the sun didn't exist anymore? Perhaps now you can understand why Ra was so respected and revered by the Ancient Egyptians. At times when one is particularly creative or happy (experiencing a sunshine moment in one's life) know that this is the energy of Ra at work in your life. Ra teaches us that all life is cyclical in nature. The rising and the setting of the sun each day represent birth, life, death and rebirth. Ra can also cast light onto areas of our life, which needs transformation.

Khepera In His form as Khepera, Ra helps us to Transform or rebirth, thereby creating a new beginning for ourselves. The rising sun in the East represents the Neter Khepera and his symbol is the scarab beetle. Working with the energy of Khepera can bring great rebirth into one's life. Accessing his energies will help in any areas of one's life that needs transformation or requires change. Remember change is not always drastic, traumatic or difficult. But as I always say: “Recognizing patterns is useful, Changing them creates growth. It is never too late to change, it is always too late if we don't ”

Anpu (Anubis) Anubis is the guide of souls and aids us on our walk through life if we allow him to hold our hand and guide us. Anubis also assists with Dream work, astral journeys and very practical day-to-day direction and protection during travels. I often ask him to show me the way when I am lost driving my car or when I am not sure which direction my life is heading in. Anubis can also be asked to “open the Ways” if you need new doors of opportunity to open up to you. – “Opener of the ways” is one of his titles. As a protector of one's property one cannot find a better guardian. He is also like Tehuti a master Physician and Anesthetist. In this regard I ask His help when I go to the dentist or one of my children (my pets) needs to get an injection from the vet. As a master anesthetist my pets experience no pain with Anubis present. These are just some of his attributes. There are many others, which I leave to you to discover for yourself in you journey with the

Neteru on life's path. Sutekh (Set) He represents the spiritual current in Magick. His titles include: “The Red god of Thunder and the dry desert heat”, “Lord of Chaos and storms”, “He, who destroys illusion”, “The thunderer”. Demonized and feared only by those who do not know Set or understand the inner wisdom teachings of the Myth of Osiris and the battles of Horus and Set - as traditionally portrayed in the Egyptian Mythology and in some books by some ignorant writers and occultists. Sutekh helps us to face the illusions we have about our life, ourselves and others and therefore a lot of people are scared of him. He shows up illusions and mistakes and is very much a “in your face” sort of energy. Some are not ready for the gifts Sutekh brings and this can cause chaos in their life. However, the apple needs to fall from the tree and die in order for its seeds to sprout new life again.

Let’s get one thing straight for once and for all! SET IS NOT EVIL! All Neteru “live on Ma'at”, in other words they are all balanced, pure, truthful, ordered and in total integrity. They are all one and the same. It is like having one radio but many radio stations (frequencies) to choose from. If you are not ready to face your own illusions or mistakes, steer clear of Set. Set doesn't play or molly coddle or sugar coat and like Sekhmet his lessons can be painful if we are kidding or fooling ourselves. Set, like all names of Neter, is only interested in one thing: your spiritual growth. This Neter is not for the faint hearted, be ready for the roller coaster ride of your life when you work with him (should your life not be in order or integrity). Like Sekhmet, He is the fast track lane to spiritual growth. It is no surprise in the light of this that some of the most powerful Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt bore his name. Set brings change and sometimes we don't

like change especially if we are addicted to our comfort zones. Change as I have pointed out already is however necessary for growth. Change isn't always bad or chaotic. It can be if we fight it and try to “fart against thunder”, so to speak. Swimming upstream is always more difficult than with the current. Life is quite easy and simple if we are in tune with the “current” of Neter and our Divine self. As a force of Nature, Sutekh's energy is present in storms, the dry desert, hot climates and Thunder & Lighting. When you are experiencing chaos in your life, no matter how scary or painful, try to ask Set, what is my gift in this? How can I use this to grow? Set will answer you but be prepared. If you do not like the answer Set gives you, it might mean that you have built up false illusions around yourself or someone you trust, are egotistical or are kidding yourself and that He is merely

“lifting the veil of illusion” to allow wisdom and illumination into your life as your gift. The best medicine as we all know is sometimes very bitter, but it's good and gets the job done if we are prepared to drink it. NebtHet (Nephthys) She is the Sister of Isis and Wife of Set. Like her husband Set she reveals truth. Superficial understanding of Egyptian Mythology as well as taking it literally can be very dangerous. I am referring to the story where NebtHet achieves intercourse with Osiris only because she disguises (shape shifts) herself as Isis (Osiris' wife). Some ignorant people (and even occultists!), believe she can be asked to hide the truth – like for instance the fact that they are having an affair, boy are they in for a surprise! The Neteru live on Ma'at – PLEASE REMEMBER THIS! If you need the truth to come out, ask Her but again be prepared, Don't ask the question if you are not prepared for the answer. Remember the old adage, be careful what you ask for, you

might just get it. She represents Divination in all its forms and can also assist you in developing your intuitive skills. Dream work and Astral travel as well as shape shifting are the gifts that NebtHet can give. No secret can be hidden from the eyes of NebtHet. HOWEVER! Another point to remember, everyone is entitled to their own private thoughts, feelings etc. If NebtHet doesn't reveal someone's innermost thoughts to you it doesn't mean she hasn't answered your prayer, It simply means that you have no right to infringe on the privacy of another. You might be acting out of Ego, Lust for power and control over others etc. Are your motives for “wanting to know” pure and in Ma'at (spiritual integrity)?

Sobek Crocodiles are very fierce and much feared creatures, however they can be very caring (Ever seen how mother croc gently picks up her babies in her powerful jaws?) They are also highly territorial and protective over their eggs and young. The Neter Sobek normally only show up in one's life, when one has learned to embrace one's Dark side. (that which Jung calls “the shadow”) Sobek can be one's best friend if we can move past fear and learn to work with His energies. Again this requires taking an objective look at one's shadow self. As a protector or guardian Sobek can guard and restrict entry to anything you wish to safeguard. Dreaming of crocodiles can indicate the presence of this Neter in your life. Sobek also guards occult secrets from those not ready for the powers these secrets bring. Once you have integrated your shadow self, Sobek will gladly assist you. I have a very close

relationship with Sobek and love him dearly. Seshat (Seshet) She is the Neteret of Libraries and Occult Knowledge. The word “occult” means, “hidden knowledge” and has nothing to do with the scary associations, which the media and Hollywood attaches to that word in the quest for sensationalism. In ancient Egypt, Temples were aligned to the stars and built on very strong foundations in a ritual know as “stretching the cord”. In this ritual Seshet was invoked to aid in aligning the temple to the correct foundations. Seshet represents the ability to build strong foundations for our life based on occult knowledge. If you need a book or answers to occult questions ask Seshet, she is the Librarian so to speak par excellence. Incidentally, she together with Ma'at is also the wife of Thoth (Lord of Wisdom). One has to be very awake to be able to recognize Sestet’s workings or presence in one's life. She likes to disguise

herself or shape-shift. She appeared to me at first as a Golden cobra with blue eyes, spitting fire as she speaks. It was only years later that I realized that I had met this wonderful Neteret in person Herself! She teaches us the value of being unique in what we do and to find the true essence of ourselves. Her words still inspires me to this day: “Find yourself in the Magick and find the Magick in your self” - Seshet Bes Learning to laugh at oneself and life's challenges can be very healing. This is Bes at His best. Known as the Neter of Households, Laughter and Humor. When you meet Bes for the first time, you too will laugh… It is inevitable, not because Bes is a dwarf but because He is the best entertainer and stand up comedian you can come across. A lot is said in jest and this is how Bes teaches us, by seeing the lighter side of life. I agree with the Author of the book “Circle of Isis” when she says: “Bes is a dwarf only to those who hasn't learned to

see, Bes is a giant to me.” Bes is also a fierce protector and can be called upon to keep evil out and to protect against evil forces or entities. He is normally seen brandishing a pair of knives in this capacity. Bes can be called upon to entertain and protect guests, children, pets and the home. Know that He is present when you hear people laughing. The Ancient Egyptians much loved and adored Bes as do all those that have met him in this lifetime. He is like a breath of fresh air to be around. What would life be without a good laugh? Thank you mighty Bes! I want to make it quite clear that the Neteru aren't just energies to be “used”. The Neteru are nobody's slaves. I Rahotep am very respectful of Neter and have a very personal and deep relationship with Neter. I “access” the Energies and Powers of the Neteru in a spirit of great respect and in Ma'at always. This article expresses my personal experience and viewpoint and might be different

for others, as Neter forms a very personal relationship with each unique individual. As Dion Fortune said: “there is no room for authority in the occult.” “All Mighty Neteru of ancient Egypt, I Rahotep love, thank and honor you and serve as your High Priest for the infinite and unending eons of time, which make up eternity. Urhekau! Kheper! Ankh! ” (Great words of magical power come to life!) - Rahotep