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Here and Hereafter - Leon Denis

Here and Hereafter - Leon Denis

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Published by: Spiritism USA on Oct 05, 2009
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The intercommunication which for centuries past has existed between spirits and human beings,
confirmed and elucidated by recent spiritist experimentation, effectually demonstrates the survival of the
being in a more perfect fluidic form.

This indestructible form, this companion and slave to the soul, this witness of its sufferings and
struggles, participates in all its wanderings and with it rises and is purified. Formed in the nether regions, the
perispiritual being slowly ascends the ladder of existences. At the beginning it is but a rudimentary creature,
an unfinished sketch. Having attained to human dignity it begins to show evidence of higher feelings; the
spirit shines brighter and the perispirit glows with a new radiance. From life to life, as the faculties are
enlarged, as the aspirations are clarified, the horizon of knowledge broadens and its wealth is enhanced by
the acquirement of new senses. At the close of each incarnation the spiritual body spurns its fleshly tatters,
like a butterfly speeding away from its chrysalis. The soul, whole and enfranchised, once more finds itself in
its entirety, and on beholding the fluidic mantle which surrounds it, according to its appearance-whether
radiant or bedraggled-it is enabled to compute its own condition.
As the oak preserves within itself the mark of its annual growth so does the perispirit, beneath its
present aspect, keep an inner reckoning of its bygone lives, and of the transformations that it has successively
undergone. These often forgotten vestiges rest in us: but as soon as the soul awakens them the hidden
memories start into life, like so many witnesses that were scattered along the road over which we came.
The fluidic bodies of backward spirits are coarse, and impregnated with material emanations. Even
after death they experience earthly wants and cravings. Cold, hunger and pain are still perceptible to the most
materialistic of them. Dulled by human passions, their fluidic organism can vibrate but weakly and their
perceptivity is proportionally limited. They know nothing of the life of space; all is steeped in darkness
within and about them.

The pure spirit, for whom animal attractions are no more, has fashioned a perispirit similar to itself.
The finer this spiritual body, the more intense will be its vibrations and the larger the scope of its perceptions
and sensibility. It will then be ready for a life the like of which we can barely conceive. Into this it will enter
with an ineffable joy and vibrate in unison with the majestic harmony of the infinite. This is the duty of the
human spirit, and such its reward. By long and weary labours it must create new senses of unlimited delicacy
and power; it must subjugate its bestial appetites; it must transform its gross envelope into a diaphanous and
luminous form. This is the task that has been allotted to all men and which all must pursue through the
innumerable stages of the marvellous highway of eternal progress.



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