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In the English department, we specialize in the study of literature, linguistics, rhetoric, writing

and teaching. It is through language and story that humans interpret the past, understand the
present and prepare for the future. For this reason, the work we do is dynamic and
interdisciplinary. We foster an appreciation for the beauty and power of the English language,
promote open enquiry, and arouse intellectual curiosity. Our studies of literature, linguistics,
rhetoric, and education stress the practical application of knowledge, empowering our students
long past graduation and enriching the pleasure they find in reading, writing, and teaching. What
makes the English department unique is that we examine what readers do when they read and
what writers do when they write. In the tradition of liberal arts education, we inculcate analytic
skills and encourage scholarship from our faculty and students. We believe that the close study
of language, writing and literature should be a transformative experience culminating in literate,
articulate, imaginative, and open-minded readers who can take on roles as responsible citizens in
diverse and dynamic communities.

Draft document Sept. 14, 2009