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ABSTRACT Major reserves are drilled with ease by utilizing with ease by utilizing a feasible drilling approach and

explored with available tools and techniques. In order to perform drilling in a safe and economical manner new emerging technologies are being used, which are guided by the difficulties faced in drilling process for a new well by over balanced technology. Conventional Drilling hasnt changed much in over many years, its still an Open to Atmosphere system. it is obvious from the most of the drilling operations that a considerable amount of money is spent for drilling related problems; including stuck pipe, lost circulation, and excessive mud cost. In order to decrease the percentage of non-productive time (NPT) caused by these kind of problems, there is a need for a better drilling technology i.e. Managed Pressure Drilling. Managed pressure drilling is coming forth technology which eases the driller to work safely providing control annular pressures in the wellbore to prevent these drilling-related problems. Managed pressure drilling is an innovative technique to precisely manage wellbore pressure. It is particularly applicable for reducing the risk of a kick or lost returns when drilling with a narrow window between pore pressure and fracture pressure. This proposal contains the history of MPD, advantages and variations of MPD technology in order to provide a deep understanding, which also provides a theoretical basis for the development of this technology. The different applications of MPD technique and its applicable conditions have been discussed. The optional schemes for a well's MPD plan and their implementation have been provided. The applications of MPD technology require the associated equipments, monitoring system and hydraulic procedure, among which the support equipments are highly important. Forecasting the future, we expect that managed pressure drilling will become the conventional drilling method