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Sonnet Analysis

Sonnet Analysis

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Sonnet 14
Sonnet 14

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Published by: mollycubba on Mar 07, 2014
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Sonnet 14 Analysis Truth only shines through the right people: However, the truth within his lover’s

eyes will die with her. Shakespeare personifies many forces of emotions through various words through the sonnet. “Thy end is truth’s and beauty’s doom and date.” The harsh chopping sound of the “th” and “d” make you fall into the darkness of the poems words. “Plagues, of dearths,” is also there to show how rough and harsh the truth can be to you. The sharp sounds in these words are abrupt and sudden which is how everything can end. As Shakespeare talks about thunder, rain and wind, it is appropriate to assume there is a bad vibe or sense of frustration or lack of knowledge. The negative words express the negative feeling that the author has about the truth. He only has trust in his lover to tell the truth. The language in this sonnet makes you think about topics in multiple ways; the stars Shakespeare refers to are in his lover’s eyes, not literal stars. The prediction of the future can be made through the eyes of the youth as stars. Knowledge of love is not from astronomy but from his lover. She will remain immortal through the birth of a child, and procreation will allow her to carry on with her life. “Thine eyes” shows how the truth is from his lover’s eyes and not the stars in the sky.

The Lying Game You say nothing is happening at all, But I know you lie with your eyes. My head goes numb at the thought of our fall. You acted like you needed a disguise Just to play around for no good reason. Everything in our life was as fake as can be To all of the possibilities of unfreezing. I reached rock bottom, too afraid to be me My heart was torn from the truth and the love I hoped lying wouldn’t be my harsh find, I was ready to take off like a dove, When new beginnings changed my mind. Sometimes you have to learn to wait and stay, Because the truth will always find its way.

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